Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Ultimate Girls Night!

Hey guys! Gemz here!
So sometimes in life, I am so so busy that I barely have time to sleep. Or I then go past that point of busy that I end up TOO tired to sleep. Which unfortunately is me right now. I have to be honest and say that I'm lucky to be busy and lucky that it isn't often that I'm this insane level of it. Anyway I'm blappering on (usual for late nights right?). However when I am at this stage I get to a point and realise I literally have no time to see any of my chums. Which then made me think of all the fun things I could be doing with then, which thennnn made me think of my fave things to do on a gals night in.. enter this post!

So after the extremely long intro.. Let's get into what I think, makes the best girls night!


When I've not seen my chums for a while, I LOVE having sleepover (I know I'm secretly still 10). I love just chilling in PJs and being silly. So gotta make sure it is a sleepover. 


A must when having a lil girls night in, linking back to the PJs! No make up, hair scrapped back and comfies on! 


I think everyone will agree that this is a definite when having a gal night in! It may be a full takeaway (dominoes is always a firm favourite with Laura and I!) or maybe just snack kind of junk food. Here is a little list of my faves:
- popcorn 
- crisps (the thai sweet chili sensations are highly recommended)
- chocolate (again gotta be dairy milk! I love the one with the bits of crunchie in it)
- nachos.

One time my friends and I made a smores dip that we had seen on line which is basically melted choc with 'cooked' marshmallows on top and then you dip biscuits into. All I can say on that is O.M.G. You have to try.

pic from google


Ok so obviously this is optional and subject to age. And I definetely do not drink everytime I have a girls night but I have to include it as I have had some hilarious nights in with it being included. When I have a girls night with one of my bezzies Chloe, I can be sure there with be bev involved. Normally we just buy lots of random drinks (mixer included) pour it all in a bowl and see how it turns out and it is so fun. I'm not saying do this, it is just what we do!


DUHHHHHH! Again we all know this is a must. I like to mix it up with comedies and then ones you just can't help but cry at! Here is another wee list of my fave sleepover films:
-  A Walk To Remember
- The Notebook
- A Cinderella Story 
- The House Bunny
- Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging
- Last Vegas
- Dirty Dancing 
- Legally Blonde 

Just to name a few right?


We all have to admit we love gossip! I'm not saying sit down with your bezzies and slate everyone you know, but we are all guilty of gossip. i.e 'DID YOU SEE THAT ON FACEBOOK!' However, my fave thing it have a goss about with my girls is celebrity gossip. i.e 'DID YOU SEE JENELLE ON TEEN MOM 2!?!' 'HOW CUTE ARE MASON & P!?!' 'LONG LIVE LORD DISICK!' I just love it, I cannot tell a lie.


I always have pamper products such a face masks, nail stuff etc, set a side for girls night but normally I actually forget about them! However if we do do face masks, we usually make our own chocolate face mask from scratch just to add to the fun. I will post the recipe at a late date!

So these are all the things I think make the perfect night with your girls. However, really just chilling them is perf enough right?

Let us know what you love to do with your bezzies and if it any of the same stuff!

Till next time!

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