Friday, 31 October 2014

Spray & Go!

Okay, so I'm gonna be honest here... I'm super lazy when it comes to moisturising, it's a lot of effort and then you have to prance about to try and get the moisturiser to dry in faster so you can get dressed! 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

We Never Go Out Of Style.

First off, I had to name this post after a Taylor Swift song, because as I'm writing this 1989 has just come out and I am so in love with it. Style is my favourite song off of it. You should defo check it out as it's amazing!!

If I'm obsessed with one thing lately, it's got to be faux fur and after seeing these on Sarah Ashcroft's blog, I had to get my hands on these fab fur key rings as I think they totally finish an outfit! You can see how Sarah styled hers here

Anyway, I couldn't decide between just one, so ended up ordering the grey & black ones and I'm in love with them both & immediately attached one to my handbag. Here is a few pictures of them!
Let us know what you think of them!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Book Club - Blog Style Take 4!

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last book club post! I have probably read about 15 books since then. So lets get straight into it seeing as I have a lot to catch up on!

The first Book Club post to feature an author other than Sophie Kinsella do you believe? As much as I adore Kinsella, since reading 'A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger', Lucy Robinson has fast became my favourite author. 'A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger' is Robinson second book but was the first one of hers I had read (I have read all three now) so I thought I would start with this one as I am re-reading it and it was my first!

'A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger' is about Charley Lambert, a friendly but also workaholic girl living in Edinburgh. As always I will try to tell you about this story without giving any spoilers. 

During a day out with friends, Charley falls and breaks her leg in three places. Upon waking up in hospital Charley realises that her boss, who she has been after for seven years, is with another woman and that she cannot go back to work until her leg heals. Something that Charley - the workaholic - cannot deal with.

To cope with not being able to return to her fast past communications job - right before an extremely important time in the company  - Charley sets up her own company with the help of her trusty and loveable but sometimes 'disgusting' roommate Sam. First Date Aid. A website that is for people that are looking for love online but aren't all that great at emailing, so they hire whitty Charley to ghost write for them.

All is going well until Charley becomes interested in one of her clients possible dates. Charley starts to learn that there may be more to life than work and that you never really know who you are talking to online! Charley needs to work out what is really important to her. 

I ADORE this book. As you can probably tell from the fact I said I was re-reading it. I know I've gave a lot of info and you probably think there must be some massive spoilers in there but there is so much more to this book! I laughed out loud and fell in love. Both with the characters and the story. I challenge you not to fall in love with the characters if you read it, I wish they were real/my friends. Especially Sam!

So that is my view on 'A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger' by Lucy Robinson. Let me know if you guys have read this or any of Robinson's other books!

Until next time guys,

Friday, 24 October 2014

Loverly x Tartan Fairytales

Hey lovlies, something a little different today from us - a joint post!

We were inspired by the gorgeous dresses from and thought that we could match some makeup looks to the dresses! is a website with everything you could possibly need to help plan a wedding!
Bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses - all in the one place! You can check them out here and they even have a free app which so you can plan on the go, you can get that here!

I can tell you now, Gemma & I had way too much fun looking at all the gorgeous dresses, and now want about 10 of them.

Laura is right there! I was looking through all these gorgeous dresses thinking 'Oh I want that for mines!' then 'Oh no it has to be this one!' and I'm not even close to being engaged never mind married. But hey a gal can dream right! The first dress I picked was this stunning strapless, mermaid lace dress.

This is definitely a dress I could see myself wearing on the big day! So simply stunning however still breathtaking! As a make-up artist my imagination started going wild. So many options for this dress. However I opted to go for a slightly vintage look for this dress.

With the vintage look in mind, for this dress I am going for a bright red lip paired with gel liner that will be winged out. Either subtly or extreme! To add a little something extra to deepen the look I chose Eylure eyelashes to be applied. My personal favourites are Nadine Coyle's pair. Then finally to add some colour to the cheeks I would use a bronzer to add a slight contour!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Ultimate Girls Night!

Hey guys! Gemz here!
So sometimes in life, I am so so busy that I barely have time to sleep. Or I then go past that point of busy that I end up TOO tired to sleep. Which unfortunately is me right now. I have to be honest and say that I'm lucky to be busy and lucky that it isn't often that I'm this insane level of it. Anyway I'm blappering on (usual for late nights right?). However when I am at this stage I get to a point and realise I literally have no time to see any of my chums. Which then made me think of all the fun things I could be doing with then, which thennnn made me think of my fave things to do on a gals night in.. enter this post!

So after the extremely long intro.. Let's get into what I think, makes the best girls night!


When I've not seen my chums for a while, I LOVE having sleepover (I know I'm secretly still 10). I love just chilling in PJs and being silly. So gotta make sure it is a sleepover. 


A must when having a lil girls night in, linking back to the PJs! No make up, hair scrapped back and comfies on! 


I think everyone will agree that this is a definite when having a gal night in! It may be a full takeaway (dominoes is always a firm favourite with Laura and I!) or maybe just snack kind of junk food. Here is a little list of my faves:
- popcorn 
- crisps (the thai sweet chili sensations are highly recommended)
- chocolate (again gotta be dairy milk! I love the one with the bits of crunchie in it)
- nachos.

One time my friends and I made a smores dip that we had seen on line which is basically melted choc with 'cooked' marshmallows on top and then you dip biscuits into. All I can say on that is O.M.G. You have to try.

pic from google


Ok so obviously this is optional and subject to age. And I definetely do not drink everytime I have a girls night but I have to include it as I have had some hilarious nights in with it being included. When I have a girls night with one of my bezzies Chloe, I can be sure there with be bev involved. Normally we just buy lots of random drinks (mixer included) pour it all in a bowl and see how it turns out and it is so fun. I'm not saying do this, it is just what we do!


DUHHHHHH! Again we all know this is a must. I like to mix it up with comedies and then ones you just can't help but cry at! Here is another wee list of my fave sleepover films:
-  A Walk To Remember
- The Notebook
- A Cinderella Story 
- The House Bunny
- Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging
- Last Vegas
- Dirty Dancing 
- Legally Blonde 

Just to name a few right?


We all have to admit we love gossip! I'm not saying sit down with your bezzies and slate everyone you know, but we are all guilty of gossip. i.e 'DID YOU SEE THAT ON FACEBOOK!' However, my fave thing it have a goss about with my girls is celebrity gossip. i.e 'DID YOU SEE JENELLE ON TEEN MOM 2!?!' 'HOW CUTE ARE MASON & P!?!' 'LONG LIVE LORD DISICK!' I just love it, I cannot tell a lie.


I always have pamper products such a face masks, nail stuff etc, set a side for girls night but normally I actually forget about them! However if we do do face masks, we usually make our own chocolate face mask from scratch just to add to the fun. I will post the recipe at a late date!

So these are all the things I think make the perfect night with your girls. However, really just chilling them is perf enough right?

Let us know what you love to do with your bezzies and if it any of the same stuff!

Till next time!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Christmas Gift Idea - Real Techniques Brushes!

With Christmas fast approaching, the shops are filling up with gift sets galore! This gift set has been one of my favourite finds. So much so, that I bought it for myself... For blogging purposes... Right?

Friday, 17 October 2014



Totally unprofessional start right but I am so excited!
It is exactly one year ago today that me and Laura started up our little blog - It feels like our baby and I am so proud of how far it has come in just a year and would like to send out a MASSIVE thank you for supporting us and reading our blog! October is just full of birthdays for us right?

I have to admit I am so chuffed that we have stuck with it as individually we have both had loads of previous blogs and just gave up on them!

Finally I gotta holla at my girl Laura, without you this would never be possible! Sometimes Laura texts me about HTML links (don't even know if that is right!) and blogger programmes and I have no idea what she is talking about so I just agree! LOL. So thank you for all your hard work LD!

So happy birthday tartan fairytales, you little beauty. To the next 100 years!

picture from google

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche - Blake's Red.

After hunting high and low, to get my hands on this bad boy. Superdrug came through! Everywhere I had tried previously was sold out of Blake's red, which of course would be the one I was lusting after!

This is the L'Oréal Colour Riche Lipstick in Blake's red. There is a full collection of reds but being a huge Gossip Girl & Blake Lively fan, I knew I had to get hers! 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Christmas Gift Idea - Benefit Christmas Stocking!

Whilst dragging my dad from shop to shop the other day, I stumbled into boots to look for the Loreal Colour Riche lippy in Blake's Red (post coming soon!) but sadly they were sold out and I decided to peruse the isles! 

Near the front of the store, they had a large stand set up filled with Benefit gift sets and I was in my element! So, Santa ya can know what to expect on my christmas list this year! 
As I walked round to the other side of the stand, there were about 7 large glass bowls filled with Benefit minis! And to make that even better, the sign stuck to the stand said "4 for £15" so obviously within seconds I had a handful of goodies and was practically rushing to the checkout! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Vera Wang Lovestruck

If there was a scent that reminded someone of me, I hope that it's this one. Vera Wang's Lovestruck is without a doubt my favourite perfume of all time. I can't even tell you how many bottles of it, I've gotten through!

Vera Wang describes this lil beauty as "A new definition of Romeo and Juliet!"

I just love the smell so so much, but I'm not the best at describing them, so did a little research on the proper way to describe the scents of this perfume, and came across this description!

"Lovestruck opens with notes of exotic and juicy pink guava and soothing angelica blossom. The middle notes “bloom” with tones of intoxicating and sensual tuberose with aquatic lotus flower. Precious woody notes and sheer musk form a solid perfume base."

I think it pretty much hits the nail on the head!

The advert for this scent features one of my favourite actresses, Leighton Meester, I think that was another thing that drew me towards the perfume! I mean who doesn't love Blair Waldorf?!

This normally retails for about £40, or just under for 30ml in the likes of Boots, etc.
But I've actually found it many times in TK Maxx, a 50ml bottle for about £25, and I have also bought it from none other than B&M for £14.99 for 30ml! So it's worth having a wee look about, because you could even get two bottles for the price of one!
Also in TK Maxx, I have seen they do full gift sets of Lovestruck for £30!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, life has been a lil hectic!

You can follow us on:

Lotsa Love,
- L 

Saturday, 11 October 2014


So, today is this gorgeous gals 21st birthday!

Gemz, I hope you have the most amazing birthday, so thankful to have had you as a best friend for so many years now, and love that we can go absolutely ages without seeing each other, but when we reunite it's like we've never been apart! True sistaaaaa. 

You are doing amazing things, and I'm soooo proud of all you have achieved and I know it's only gonna get even better! 

The amounts of laughs we've had throughout our friendship is ridiculous, and I know if people learned half the crap we laugh at, they'd think we are insane. But I wouldn't have it any other way! 

So, have the best weekend ever & I'll be seeing ya soooooon.
Defo be needing a drive in your new whip! ;) 

love ya gs.

- laura 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Hey guys! Gemma here, so kick my blogging back up I thought I would do an OOTD post because really I never do then when they are one of my favourite things to read! So lets get right into it!

Tartan Shirt Dress - Mango
White T - Hollister
Lipstick - Bobbi Brown Plum Rose

Chunky Boots - Office

I really love this outfit! I wore it to work but I really think it can be dressed up or down. It is also soooo comfy that I could wear it for days! Ps I don't normally wear white socks with these boots but I couldn't find black, I did try to hide them! I am loving chunky cleated boots right now and I think they are great for A/W!

Let me know what you think about this outfit and if you have anything similar!

Until next time,

Friday, 3 October 2014


Ok so apologies again for no posts in nearly a month! What is happening to me?! I will fix this guys! But I hope this extra special post will make up for it!

I just want to say an extra special Happy Birthday to my other half, my tartan princess, my best friend and sister! HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY LAURA!

I am so so sorry that I won't be spending your day with you but I will make it up to you! We have officially been friends for 10 years now, how old does that make us seem LOL! 

I couldn't imagine my life without you and I feel so blessed to have been able to call you my best friend for all these years and basically grow up into the people we are today, together.

You have the warmest heart and would do anything for anybody and I really, really don't think you know just how amazing you are and how everyone just loves you. 

I love our memories and they will be ones I am chuckling at when I'm 90 years old. Owdafordewiwly? THESE PIZZAS ARE NOT FOR YOU SOZ! Buffet on the house! I'M NO EFFING EATING HERE! HANNNNAAAAHHH MONTANAAAA! Do you know this boy? No do you know this one? Jonanis brothers... and I am going to stop now before I ramble!

I am going to wrap this up now because really I could go on for days about all the things I love about you! I just want to thank you for being my best friend, for constantly being there over the last ten years even when we go a bit without seeing each other, for letting me into the warmth of your family and giving me a second set of parents! and for always putting up with my s***! I wouldn't be me without you LD! 

I love you forever, have the best birthday..

(pda for all the world to see right!? oh well if you can't at birthdays when can you!) Now for some classic pics...