Friday, 5 September 2014

Estee Lauder Raisins Duo

Hey guys, Gemma here!

So last year when I was going on holiday, I picked up this little beauty in duty free! Now when I came home, September last year, I used this palette every single day for over a month and have used it many times since and it still looks as if it hasn't been touched! I love shadows that last forever. I simply just put the pale champangey colour all over the lid and then blend the plummy colour into my crease and I am ready to go. My eye look always gets compliments when I wear it and it looks as if I have spend ages doing my make up when really applying this takes no longer than 5 minutes! The shadows are so highly pigmented as well!

I have currently started going back to using this every day and ughhh I can't actually talk about it enough. I just love it! 

Once again, bad pics but you get it!

At £23 it is slightly pricey but it is cheaper than two MAC shadows and look how much product I still have after a year! (or you could just get it cheaper in duty free like I did ;)) I have probably used this Duo like 100 times and the Estee Lauder logo on the plum colour is still so clear! You can pick this up from all Estee Lauder counters in places such as Boots, Debenhams and House of Frasers.

Do any of you guys have the Raisins Duo?

What do you think of it? Let us know! 

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