Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Little Update..

Hey guys, Gemma here!

It has nearly been a full month since I've done my last post and I just wanted to do a little update on what has been happening.

Basically 2 weeks ago I started a course at the Academy of Make-Up in Glasgow. The full pro course. This is a fast track, hands on course to becoming a fully qualified Make-Up Artist. So this is my first post  as a real MUA! So exciting, I can't wait to start with my new career.  Anyhoooo, I would start at half 10 every day, meaning leaving the house at 9 and would finish around 5/5.30 and then most nights I would start work at 6 until 10 and then get home about 11 when I would completely zonk out. Just to do the same all over again!

So now that I am finished my course and back in my normal routine, I will be right back into to blogging! It was so strange not doing it, I actually felt guilty when I got home after work. It was a very weird feeling!

Anyway I am going off on a tangent again!

Until next time guys!

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