Sunday, 31 August 2014

The £8 bargain dress.

While wandering round Tesco of all places, with my mum, I spotted this little beaut hanging on the sale rack. For £8! It got put straight into our trolley. I thought it'd be a great dress to fling on when you get the "let's go out!" text and you immediately panic thinking of what to wear!

It is such a comfy dress, the back is a grey t shirt material, and the front is a printed polyester with a cool multi coloured print on the front, the only thing I don't like about it, is that it's a little on the longish side as I'm only 5ft1! So I think a little trip to get it shortened. I've rolled it up a little in the picture to the kind of length I'd like.
It's such a comfy dress and feel like it could be dressed up with a cute blazer and clutch or dressed down with a pair of cute combat boots! So versatile. Feel like this dress will be a good staple piece added into my wardrobe! It kind of reminds me of the paint splat white Zara dress, which I'm obsessed with! So right away, I was in love!

So make sure to check the sale racks in Tesco, cause you might stumble upon lil hidden gems! And alsooooo, Tesco have some really cute clothes in just now, was pleasantly surprised walking through the aisles!

Have you stumbled upon fab finds in unexpected places?!
- L.

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