Friday, 1 August 2014

July Faves.


This year has been absolutely flying in, and it's scary to write that it's actually August now. Soon enough it'll be Christmas again! I thought since I'd been slacking with posts lately I'd do a July favourites! I found a lot of new things that I loved in July and this is what they were...



Frank coffee scrub. Holy moly. Can I just say how in love with this scrub I am?! It smells soooo good and leaves my skin super soft, all whilst helping to get rid of stretch marks and scars! Hello, what's not to love?! I stumbled across Frank on Instagram, and ended up seeing before and after pictures from people using this and was sold. It comes from Australia, but the shipping was pretty fast, and right now they have free shipping so it's only £11.95 for this baby. This is the Original Frank, it has roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, brown sugar and sea salt, sweet almond oil as well as vitamins and minerals all topped off with a hint of orange essence. And I gotta say I do find myself sniffing away after it's all washed away! You can check out the Frank range of body scrubs here. I can't reccomend them more!



Okay, so completely different from a body scrub... Crispbreads. Yep. I just wanted to include these as I tried them out in July and thought they were yummy. I'm trying to become healthier and lose a bit of weight (post coming on that soon!) and these are one of my snacks! My mum picked these up in Tesco, but I'm sure most supermarkets will have them. They are just so much more flavourful than your plain old crispbreads!



These baby's I got on good old eBay, as sadly you can't get these in the UK. Having seen people rant and rave about these on blog posts and on YouTube videos, I was desperate to try them out and see what the fuss is about. I personally saw a difference in my teeth after the first use, but did find out, I had quite sensitive teeth so I did find them a little uncomfortable at some points. But beauty is pain right?! You get two strips in each packet, one for your lower set of teeth and one for your top set. You pop these on and leave for about 30 minutes and peel off and voila!


So, last month whilst shopping about with my mum, we stumbled into Watt Brothers and I discovered they have a huge range of different make up! From YSL to Borjouis to W7. And so cheap too! This lil baby has been in my Amazon basket for the longest while, and I've just never bought it. This is the W7 version of Hoola bronzer by Benefit, it's called Honolulu. Clever right? I spotted in in Watt Bros, and decided to bite the bullet and buy it and try it out. And I'm so glad I did, it's so pigmented and gives my face great colour! It's giving my Nars Laguna bronzer a run for it's money!



Hello, old friend. This little guy was featured in one of our very first few posts, after buying it in Superdrug, for like £2! I'm still so in love with it and it does an amazing job of highlighting my face. The only problem... I cannot find this in the shade light anywhere?! If any of you know where I could get it, please let me know, because I'm almost out!



The next favourite is an author. A young lady called Clementine Von Radics, her work is insanely good, and I have barely put these books down since I received them. I'm doing a post soon about my favourite books, and you can bet this gal will be included, so check back for that soon! In the mean time you can check Clementine's work out here.



Something every girl needs. A trusty red lippy. This one happens to be mine, the Rimmel London lipstick in 164 Tantrum. It's such a gorgeous colour and can completely change up an outfit by popping on some of this beaut. I always put on a red lip liner before I put this on, just so I get maximum stay out of it!


After seeing countless tv ads about Garnier's new haircare line, I knew I had to try something from it, and being a lover of the coconut scent, I tried these out. They leave my hair so smooth and soft. Not to mention smelling so good! The last time I was in Asda, these were on sale, so defo have a little look around there the next time you are in and try these out!



White nails. You either love them or hate them, and I personally love 'em. I'm not a huge lover of the whole 90's vibe that's currently going about, but to each their own. And I feel like these give off that kinda vibe, but I like it? I also feel like it makes me look like I have a tan when I paint my nails this colour! I use my good ole, Barry M polish, and think it does a great job!


My last few favourites are 2 albums and a tv show!




George Ezra & Ed Sheeran's new albums are sooo good! I was lucky enough to see Ed at Radio 1's Big Weekend, and that got me so excited about his new album, and it didn't disappoint! My favourite songs from it are Don't, Photograph and Thinking Out Loud. I've been playing it in the car nonstop and I love it! Ahh George Ezra. What a beautiful boy. I'm sure everyone and their dog has heard the song Budapest, but his album is full of great songs! My personal fave being Cassy 'O. So catchy! Check both their albums out on iTunes!


And finally, the tv show I've been loving has been Breakout Kings, which I've been watching on Netflix. Seriously do yourself a favour and watch it, it's about a group of inmates in jail, who help catch escaped prisoners and for each one they catch, they get a month shaved off their sentence. It's really addictive, so I'd really reccomend it!


Well, there ya have it! I'm sure in no time, we will be doing our August faves!


Until next time,



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