Sunday, 31 August 2014

The £8 bargain dress.

While wandering round Tesco of all places, with my mum, I spotted this little beaut hanging on the sale rack. For £8! It got put straight into our trolley. I thought it'd be a great dress to fling on when you get the "let's go out!" text and you immediately panic thinking of what to wear!

It is such a comfy dress, the back is a grey t shirt material, and the front is a printed polyester with a cool multi coloured print on the front, the only thing I don't like about it, is that it's a little on the longish side as I'm only 5ft1! So I think a little trip to get it shortened. I've rolled it up a little in the picture to the kind of length I'd like.
It's such a comfy dress and feel like it could be dressed up with a cute blazer and clutch or dressed down with a pair of cute combat boots! So versatile. Feel like this dress will be a good staple piece added into my wardrobe! It kind of reminds me of the paint splat white Zara dress, which I'm obsessed with! So right away, I was in love!

So make sure to check the sale racks in Tesco, cause you might stumble upon lil hidden gems! And alsooooo, Tesco have some really cute clothes in just now, was pleasantly surprised walking through the aisles!

Have you stumbled upon fab finds in unexpected places?!
- L.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Style-spiration from Stassi.

Hey, Laura here. So lately I've been totally obsessed with the show Vanderpump Rules on Lifetime. It's about a bunch of 20 something's, who work in the restaurant Sur owned by Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The show is full of drama and bitchiness too the fullest. In the show Lisa's daughter Pandora appears, and talks a lot about her online magazine The Divine Addiction, which two of Lisa's members of staff, Stassi and Scheana, write for.

Throughout the show Stassi's fashion is on point, so I knew I had to check out her columns on the Divine Addiction. I'm so glad I did, her writing is so good! And I just wanted to share her fab fashion!

Pictures are from The Divine Addiction and Google.

Aren't her outfits fab?! So I will definitely be taking some style tips from Stassi! A lot of her outfits are just basic pieces which she styles up with jewellery, killer heels and a fierce red lip! So get out your basics and jazz 'em up!

You can follow her on insta to see her outfits and accessories she's loving!

I promise I'll have a better post up soon, it's just been crazy at work lately and I wanted to get something up for you!




Friday, 15 August 2014

Not Like The Movies...

Whilst having a rummage around in TK Maxx I stumbled across the little gem! I thought it was sooo gorgeous, and just had to have it plus it was only £4!!
I then had a wee look at the bottom as I totally love the fun names OPI give their polishes, and noticed it was called 'Not Like The Movies.' I remembered that Katy Perry had a collection with them and lo and behold, this is from said collection!
It's a beautiful metallic silver polish with hints of purple and green when the light hits it!


You definitely need about 3 coats to get the full effect from the polish, but it dries really quickly so you end up doing the 3 coats in no time! I think this polish will be particularly good for around Christmas time for something a bit different from your usual sparkly silver!


Let us know what your fave OPI polish is! We'd love to know!




Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Topshop Armour Lipstick Review!

Hey guys Gemma here. So on my break in work the other day I some how stumbled into Topshop and was drawn to the make up counter. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the lipstick in 'Armour'. Now I'm not sure how long this lipstick has been around for but man have I been missing out. It has a metallic finish, isn't that just like the coolest things ever?!

So this is what it looks like..

I have no idea why I have such a trout pout in this pic LOL. Oh well! Also, I am not naked in these pics as it may look, I just have a boob tube like top on! Armour is a gorgeous bronzey metallic colour that is beautiful for any look and I think would be gorgeous on all skin tones. It does look slightly darker in my selfie pic.

This lasts literally all day! The only time I had to touch it up was after dinner which obviously you can't complain at!

Armour is definitely a new favourite for me!

Have you guys checked our Armour? Or any other metallic lippies?

Let us know!

Until next time,

Friday, 8 August 2014

Get Ready With Me!

Hey guys, Gemma here! It is currently 11.17pm, legit the only free time I have these days. UGHHHHH WORK. But I had to get some posts up so apologies for any errors. I thought I would do a classic get ready with me post! So here is my face and what I wore from the other day!

So after I moisturise etc I start with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanilla.

So I pump one pump onto the back of my hand and then stipple and blend the foundation all over my face and neck. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO BLEND YOUR FACE FOUNDATION INTO YOUR NECK. So many people forget this and suffer from the dreaded foundation line. If I have my hair up that day I will also do my ears.

Then onto tackle the black under eyes! Mines are horrific so I do use a lot of product on them! First I use my Bobbi Brown corrector. Then over this it is onto my Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. I apply this is a triangle shape shown above as I also use it as a highlight. I then dab it in with my fingers so I don't lose all the product on the brush. On top of the concealer I apply a translucent power with a blending brush just to set it.

For my eyeliner I used my Maybelline gel liner and applied it in a winged effect.

I then used my Kiko Cosmetics (new fave!!) electric blue liner right above the black liner. I actually really loved the way this turned out. It was only two more secs and added so much more to my look.

On both my top and bottom lashes I used 'TooFaced' Lashgasm

Finally onto the brows! I use the sleek brow duo in light every single day for my brows. I line both the top and bottom of my brows with the gel side of the duo...

... Then fill them in with the powder side!

Sometimes I do apply this too heavy for my liking so if this happens I just buff it out with a clean kabuki.

My Nars Laguna will always be my go to contour product! I apply this with my Real Techniques blush brush which I find perfect for contouring. We all know the silly suck-your-cheeks-in-face!

Then I use my MAC mineralize skinfinish in medium just to blend out any lines.

This day I used my fave MAC Archie's Girls Collection blush. Again we all know the smile-and-apply-to-the-apples-of-your-cheeks gig!

For highlight I have been using MAC's lightscapade skinfinsh. I just use this right above where I have previously contoured.

To finish my face I used my Loreal Collection Privee in Eva's shade. I went for a nude lip as I had colour in my eyes! I don't know why I look so mad here!

My finished look! One day I will take a good/normal selfie. 

Now onto what I wore...

Top - Hollister
Trousers - Tesco (!!!)
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Michael Kors.

I know not every day you see Tesco paired with Michael Kors! I have to say I am in love with these trousers I think they are so high street and everyone keeps asking me where I got them. Tesco for the win!

My hair was naturally like this when I woke up and I kinda liked it so I just decided to keep it like that. Didn't even bother to brush it!

So that was my look for the day! What do you guys think about it?

Until next time!