Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What's in my clutch?

Hi guys, Laura here.

I thought I'd do a little post on what I take in my clutch for a night out!




I'm still obsessed with my Zara stressed clutch and have been using that on my last few nights out, and it goes with everything so I'm defo on to a winner, the only thing is it's currently looking a lil grubby, due to the fact I've been using it a lot recently! Gurls gotta get that cleaned!


First things first. Bank card & id! I always carry both of these, my card incase of an emergency and I gotta lift out some cash, or I wanna party on a bit longer, hehe. My id, which I always, always get asked for when I'm out, because I look about 16. Which is not fun at all, as most of my friends just walk straight in without having to give any! I'm told I'll be thankful for it, when I'm older, but right now, I'm not!


Money! Gotta have cash on ya, I normally take about £40 out with me, and that will include money for a taxi home at the end of the night, which is normally split with my best friend, so £30 to party on. I don't take a purse out with me, which drives my bestie mad - it's just a hassle for me! I have a little pocket in my clutch where money & cards are kept hidden, but easy access for me!


My phone! I tend to become snap happy when I've had a drink, so be prepared for a selfie at all times! And I mean it's always hilarious looking through your phone the next morning to see what you got up to!


Make up! Okay, so gonna be honest here. I'll take a concealer and a lipstick normally, but I rarely ever use them. I'll occasionally top up my lippy, usually if it's red, but that's about it!


Perfume! I'll keep a small bottle of whatever I'm wearing that night, and top it up whenever I go to the loo! Gotta smell nice after all the dancing! I'll normally always have Vera Wang Lovestruck on, purely because I have a rollerball version of it, and that's easier to carry!


Gum! Pretty self explanatory!


And finally, house keys! Don't want to be drunk, standing on the doorstep and having to wake someone up to come let you in! But I've been told even when I have my keys I manage to wake everyone up, because I'm "like a baby elephant coming in." I blame the heels... Not the alcohol! Hehe.

And normally by the end of the night, any jewellery that I was wearing, has now been flung into my bag!


Okay, so there ya have it - what's in my clutch for a night out!

What things do you take out with you & do you have a go to clutch bag for your nights out?!


Until next time,



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