Monday, 2 June 2014

Music Monday!


Hey Guys, Laura here!

I thought I'd try a new little series here on the blog called Music Mondays, where I do little posts about bands, singers etc that I love! I'd love if you could leave any music recommendations, as I love listening to new music.


My first Music Monday is going to be about The 1975. Ok, so if you haven't heard of these guys... Where the heck have you been hiding?! These four guys from Manchester have been my most played on iTunes for the longest time. In the band you have Matty, George, Adam & Ross, who individually are super duper talented, and even more so when all put together. I love every single song they've done. And their EP's & album contain some of my favourite songs! I love this band so much I actually bought their album 3 times. Yep.

See... Haha! Vinyl, digital & cd. Gotta cover all bases!

Their music is so catchy, and there's a song for every mood! Even my mum is a fan, I took her to see them and she had the best time. That takes me on to the next thing, seeing them perform live is always so much fun. I've had the pleasure of seeing them 4 times, and ever single time has been so much fun. I even got to meet them twice! They are all so lovely and polite. And Matty has a tendency to call you 'babe' or 'darlin.' Swoon. Weirdly, I'm a wee bit in love with George's speaking voice... I know it's odd, but it's just... Ugh. Haha. Here's a few pics from seeing and meeting them.


The live shows they put on are incredible and Matty interacts a lot with the crowd which is always good, his vocals are always on point and sound just like the album. And there is nothing like when they start playing the opening bars of either Sex or Chocolate, and the crowd goes mental, and everyone sings (screams) along. It's my favourite.

My current faves from them are, Menswear, Sex, So Far (It's Alright), Heart Out, Girls and Robbers. A lot, I know. But it's so hard just to pick one!

As far as I'm aware, the wheels are already in motion for the next album. Which I could not be more excited about! I have full trust in them that it'll be absolutely amazing. I've loved watching the band go from strength to strength. And I'm so excited to see what the future holds for these guys, all the good things that come their way, they so deserve.

So if I were you and you don't own any of their music, do yourself a huge favour and get your butt to iTunes, or any shop that sells CDs and buy their album. You will not regret it, and soon enough you'll be singing along to their songs, copying Matty's accent. It's hard not too (trust me!!)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my first little Music Monday!

If you love The 1975 as much as I do, leave a comment letting me know what your fave songs are! And also like I said earlier any music reccomendations would be hugely appreciated!

Until next time,

Lotsa love,


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