Friday, 2 May 2014

Stressed, but well dressed.



Hey everyone, Laura here!

So as you can tell from the pic above I'm doing a post on styling my Zara "stressed" clutch. I've been lusting after this bag since the moment I laid eyes on it, and had been looking everywhere for it, as it was sold out online. I even considered an eBay purchase at £30+!! And after seeing so many blog posts featuring it, I came so close to doing just that! Thank goodness I didn't, because one night a couple weeks ago, I got such an exciting text from Gemma!



I mean how good is Gemz?! So of course I had to order it! I finally picked it up in store last week and knew I wanted to do a post on it, so thought styling it with some cute outfits would be perfect to show how versatile it actually is!

So this is what it looks like,

Such a beauty right?! I'm so in love with it.

First outfit I've paired it with is a gorge playsuit -

Next is a cute summer outfit -


With a lovely dress for going out -


And finally a simple outfit with statement necklace -


So there ya have it, what do you think?!

I can't decide between the playsuit or jeans & tee as my faves!


I hope you enjoyed this post!


Until next time,

Lotsa Love,



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