Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Milkmaid Braid!

Hey guys! Gemma here.

So lately I've been trying to stop using so much heat on my hair and give it a bit of a break.
Then for a wedding I attended I put in a milkmaid braid as I wanted it up but had to do something quick and easy as I had to get ready in work. I need to say this was about a week and a half ago and I have legit wore it every day since. I love the look and get so many compliments about it when I wear it.

I first thought it was a really complicated look to do but it is so so easy and only takes me about five minutes! This is how I do it.

1. I separate my hair into two sections. One on the right side of my head and one on the left. Just the usual separation!

2. I then take a few strands from the front of my hair and leave them. With the rest of the section I braid as normal!

3. Take the braid over your head and use a bobby pin to keep it in place

It should look like this!

4. Repeat on the other side - take a section out and braid the rest!

5. Then when you place this braid on your head, you will want to hide the end of the braid (the bit of hair at the end that isn't actually braided) under the braid that is already done. This may sound complicated but it really isn't. All you have to do is lift a section of the first braid and place this under. That way both ends of both braids are covered by the other one. Again just use bobby pins to secure the braid!

Again looking like this! Even though you can't actually see the top of your own head I thought I'd show you guys...

And that is it guys! Obviously you don't need to leave the strands of hair out if you want to try this, I just like the way it looks like that. I feel it looks less 'done' if that makes sense! Girl logic right? 

One day guys, I'll be able to take decent selfies for this! I am just so awkward!

Let me know if you wear this look!

Until next time guys,


  1. love this! definitely going to try it, I'm trying to give my hair a break too X


  2. Looks really cute :). I will definitely try it, maybe to my Dirndl :).

    1. its so surprising how easy it is as well! let us know if u do it! xx