Saturday, 17 May 2014


Hey guys, Gemma here! Apologies for the lack of posts recently! But if you have ever been a student you will know how crazy busy May is - with exams and coursework all happening at the same time. Finally all my coursework is in and my exams are done. Yay for summer! 

So I thought I would post about my current favourite MAC lipstick - Heroine. Now you may know that lipstick first launched in the 'Reel Sexy' collection at the start of 2013. This lipstick sold out extremely fast and I was so gutted. (I did get my paws on the Heroine eyeshadow though!) Then it was announced a few months later that MAC had decided to make this lipstick permanent. Rejoice! 

A few days after this was announced, my gran was heading to Texas to visit my family over there. So due to the fact the MAC lipstick is a lot cheaper in the airport, I asked my gran if she wouldn't mind picking it up for me and I would give her the money. Unfortunately 'Heroine' in a Scottish accent doesn't sound all that correct.. I had horrible vision of picking my gran up from the police station due to her walking around the airport asking for 'Heroine'!

If there is something I love it is purple lipstick, at any point of the year! I was so happy that this was a Matte version as I do love a matte lip especially in such a bold colour.  

I don't know why this looks so funny but this is Heroine on my lips! One side of my lips is fuller than the other - very strange and very annoying!

I swatched Heroine with my two other favourite purple shades. On the left side is Collection's 'Perrie' shade from the Little Mix collection. In the middle is Heroine and on the left is MAC's 'Up the Amp' a favourite of mines for years! I love how bold Heroine looks against these two. ]

Heroine is a perfect matte purple lipstick, I wear this all the time. During the day, on nights out, at work. Whenever and wherever, it is suitable for every occasion. (that if you, like me love a bold lip!) I love wearing this when I don't have a lot of time to do my make up and I just do foundation, mascara and then apply this and it looks like I have made such an effort with my make up and took lots of time doing it.

I definitely recommend this if you love a purple lip!! Long life Heroine!

Till next time, 

Heroine is available from mac cosmetics for £15

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