Monday, 19 May 2014

BANGERZZZZZZ! (spoiler alert!!)

Hey guys! Gemma here! So the other day Laura, my sister and I went to see Miley Cyrus' bangerz show!
I have to admit, personally I have been obsessed with Miley ever since Hannah Montana first aired. Dang Flabbit!

Now if you are going to the show and don't want to know anything about it, close this page now!

So this is how Miley entered.. 

By sliding down a massive tongue, typical Miley huh! Now I have to admit I did get over excited at this point and maybe, sorta had a little cry! Embarrassing right. Good thing Laura caught all that on camera, good bezzie right! 

The first song she opened with was (SMS) Bangerz, which is the only song of Miley's that I don't really like but that was overshadowed with all the excitement of the show starting. 
Then next up was 4x4, possibly my favourite song. 

Then was a quick outfit change and then Miley was driving across all the stage in a massive gold car singing Love, Money, Party at this point there was a lot of leg in the air and twerking on the car, all what we love from our Miley. Next up was My Darlin and Maybe You're Right. At this point there was a slight wardrobe malfunction that exposed a little more of Miley's ermmm.. private area. Which she then laughed at and apologised for. You have to love her.

After another outfit change was time for FU, Do My Thang and Get It Right. Again some of my favourite Miley songs, especially Get It Right. 

Then Miley disappeared and a MASSIVE statue of her late dog Floyd appeared in the stage. During this the intro of Can't Be Tamed started and the crowd legit were going crazy. And Miley appeared from the slide of Floyd. Next up was Adore You and Drive. During Adore You, on the screens beside the stage and behind it that show the actual show became a 'kisscam' in which EVERYONE began kissing and I mean everyone! 

Miley then again went for an outfit change and during then my sister noticed that some of the band were now on this little stage area at the back of the arena close to us. So we decided to risk our spot to go and stand beside it. I am so glad we did because around a minute later there was Miley standing around 20 feet away from us. If that! I have never felt such an excited atmosphere like that in all my days. On this stage she sang Rooting For My Baby, a cover of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene', a cover of Coldplay's 'The Scientist' and then Bob Dylan's 'You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go' and I love Bob Dylan so this was a treat in itself. 

Miley then returned to the main stage to perform On My Own another favourite of mines. And then Someone Else. For which she climbed onto a massive hotdog which flew her over everyone's head.

For the encore Miley performed We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball (obviously) and I have to say the whole arena was jumping so much that it could have moved. I was singing along to Wrecking Ball as if I was Miley herself putting everything into it! Miley then said goodnight and that she loved us (as they all do at the end of the show) and people started to leave. However being the smart cookies we are we knew that the show wasn't done. The fact the lights hadn't came on should have been a clue to people not to leave! Then Miley was raised on a platform from the ground greeting us with 'I know you mother******* know I wouldn't end a show like this!' and everyone was buzzing again. At this point Miley performed the classic Party In The USA with all the cool stuff like pyrotechnics and confetti going off all around us. 

Party In The USA was unfortunately the last song. I didn't want it to end! All three of us left saying how it was the best night and best concert we had ever been to! 

Here are some of our pics from the night...

The kisscam from Adore You.

Miley on her giant hotdog!

On the smaller stage.

Strike a pose!

Its a party in the USA!

Obviously we had to take a tongues out selfie! Its only right!

So that was our experience of Miley Cyrus. And I still stand by my statement of it being the best concert I have ever been to. And I have been to a lot!

If you have been to the show let me know about your experience!

Till next time,

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