Friday, 30 May 2014

May Faves!

Hey everyone, Laura here.

I thought I'd do a little post on my favourite things that I loved during the month of May! But first, can I just say it is insane how fast this year is going already! It'll be Christmas again before we know it! Anyhoooo...



My first fave of May is Garnier Summer body mosturising lotion. This stuff is a god send. Not only does it leave your bod very smooth & smell so yummy, it also has a gradual tanner in it. So if like me, you live somewhere that gets hardly any sun, but you like to look like you live somewhere that does then this is perfect for ya. And I'm pretty sure it's on offer in Tesco just now! Or at least it was, the last time I was in! Haha.


Soap & Glory's hand food. A handbag essential! I work with my hands a lot in work, so they can often feel super neglected and that's where this bad boy comes in. Like all soap & glory products it smells uh-mazing, and it leaves your hands feeling so soft. I try to use this daily, but I get super lazy and tend to do it every few days (a habit I'm trying to break). Your hands show your age, so look after them while you're young. You'll thank yourself later! A fact I'm trying to drill into my own head! Practice what you preach, right?!


Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee. I am loving nude nails at the moment, I think they are so chic. This is the best one I've found so far, but I am always hunting for more. The Gelly formula, is supposed to last a lot longer than your bog standard polishes, and I think that's pretty true. Like I said I work with my hands a lot so nail polishes tend to only last a few hours, but with this I get at least a full day! Love.

Ah, Vera. How I love thee. This is hands down my favourite perfume of all time. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've repurchased this. It smells so so amazing and everytime I wear it, I get complimented on it. But please do yourself a favour and get yourself to the nearest perfume counter, smell this & then buy it! I actually found this bottle in b&m for only £14.99!! Crazy right?! Also have a wee look in your local TK Maxx as I've also found the large bottle in there for around £25!



Okay. I'll admit it, I used to never use lipbalms. Like ever and it really showed everytime I put on lipstick. Naaaaasty. But ever since Gemma bought me one of these babies for my birthday, I've been converted to a lipbalm lover! These smell (and taste) so good and leave your lips feeling super duper soft! You can usually find them on offer in Superdrug etc so defo give them a wee look at, the next time you go in!


I have my beaut mum to thank for this next fave, as she is the one who picks and buys the shampoo and conditioner that goes in our shower. I have naturally super frizzy hair, and this really helps tame the frizz. Plus smells so good! I'd really recommend this range of hair products!


Mr Sam Smith's Nirvana E.P. I am in love. I had the pleasure of seeing Sam at Radio 1's Big Weekend (which I've done a post on!) and managed to catch Sam's set. He was absolutely incredible, and his vocal range is insane. He sounds just as good live as he does in his recordings. But the song Nirvana has been on repeat for me, for ages. I just can't stop listening. His new album has also just came out, so make sure to buy it on iTunes, or instore etc! You won't regret it! Check out or insta for a cheeky wee video of the crowd singing along to Stay With Me when Sam played it at Big Weekend!


My favourite piece of clothing this month, is this gorgeous playsuit from H&M. The amount of times I've had this on is ridiculous. But I don't even care, I love it so so much, and it's super comfy. I wear it with a cute, black lace bandeau as it is a little "booby." There is a little popper on the front of it, but I'm not a fan of how it sits on me, with it closed! This lil beaut was only £20!! And can be dressed up, or down. So I will forsure be getting the wear outta this!


Yep. I admit it. I'm a fan. I'm sorry, but I just love it. I used to never watch, but my best friend is a big fan, and kept on at me to watch it, so I did and fell in love. I mean gorgeous, well spoken English men. Hellooooo?! Even though you know a lot of it is set up purely for entertainment, it's still really good. And the fashion, is to die for. Like, I need to have Lucy's wardrobe... In my life. Right now!


Okay, so there ya have it. My May faves!

What are you loving this month?! Leave a comment and let us know!


Until next time,

Lotsa love,




Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Radio 1's Big Weekend.



Hi everyone!

Laura here, this past weekend I'd been lucky enough to get tickets for both days of Radio 1's Big Weekend, which took place in Glasgow Green. I had such an amazing time. I mean seeing a good few of my favourite artists and dancing about with my best friend, how much better can you get?!

My first little post about the weekend is going to be the outfits that I wore! But being the forgetful person that I am, I took no pictures of myself actually showing what I was wearing!


My outfit for Saturday was very simple, as we didn't really know what to expect from the weather. So I made sure I had a waterproof jacket flung in my bag incase the good ole Scottish rain made an appearance, which sure enough it did! Side note!! I did wear thick black tights with both outfits, I even wore two pairs on the Sunday!


On Sunday I had planned on wearing a pair of skinnies and a baseball tee, but the thought of trapesing around in soggy jeans if it rained was not appealing at all! So instead I flung on two pairs of thick tights and a wee playsuit! And sure enough just as Kings of Leon took to the stage the heavens opened and it poured! But thankfully as the day went on the sun did make an appearance, but unfortunately didn't last all day!



And a little post about what I kept in my backpack for the weekend!

So there ya have it. My outfits from Radio 1's Big Weekend. I had such a good time and I am so sad that it's all over now! What I'd give to be back there right now, singing and dancing along to the 1975!

Here's a few pics from my weekend!

One Direction!!


Ed Sheeran!!

A wee pose with my big cousin!


Before leaving for day 2 with my best pal!

Waiting for The 1975 to come on!


Bumped into Max Helyer on my way to watch Paolo Nutini!

Also spotted Rae from My Mad Fat Diary! One of the guys we were with went up and got a cheeky selfie!

Katy Perry!

And that's all the pics I took! I kept forgetting to take pictures whilst watching all the acts, I took a video from when we were watching Sam Smith who was absolutely insane! I'll pop it up on our Instagram!

Well I hope you enjoyed my post & until next time,

Lotsa Love,




Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Milkmaid Braid!

Hey guys! Gemma here.

So lately I've been trying to stop using so much heat on my hair and give it a bit of a break.
Then for a wedding I attended I put in a milkmaid braid as I wanted it up but had to do something quick and easy as I had to get ready in work. I need to say this was about a week and a half ago and I have legit wore it every day since. I love the look and get so many compliments about it when I wear it.

I first thought it was a really complicated look to do but it is so so easy and only takes me about five minutes! This is how I do it.

1. I separate my hair into two sections. One on the right side of my head and one on the left. Just the usual separation!

2. I then take a few strands from the front of my hair and leave them. With the rest of the section I braid as normal!

3. Take the braid over your head and use a bobby pin to keep it in place

It should look like this!

4. Repeat on the other side - take a section out and braid the rest!

5. Then when you place this braid on your head, you will want to hide the end of the braid (the bit of hair at the end that isn't actually braided) under the braid that is already done. This may sound complicated but it really isn't. All you have to do is lift a section of the first braid and place this under. That way both ends of both braids are covered by the other one. Again just use bobby pins to secure the braid!

Again looking like this! Even though you can't actually see the top of your own head I thought I'd show you guys...

And that is it guys! Obviously you don't need to leave the strands of hair out if you want to try this, I just like the way it looks like that. I feel it looks less 'done' if that makes sense! Girl logic right? 

One day guys, I'll be able to take decent selfies for this! I am just so awkward!

Let me know if you wear this look!

Until next time guys,

Monday, 19 May 2014

BANGERZZZZZZ! (spoiler alert!!)

Hey guys! Gemma here! So the other day Laura, my sister and I went to see Miley Cyrus' bangerz show!
I have to admit, personally I have been obsessed with Miley ever since Hannah Montana first aired. Dang Flabbit!

Now if you are going to the show and don't want to know anything about it, close this page now!

So this is how Miley entered.. 

By sliding down a massive tongue, typical Miley huh! Now I have to admit I did get over excited at this point and maybe, sorta had a little cry! Embarrassing right. Good thing Laura caught all that on camera, good bezzie right! 

The first song she opened with was (SMS) Bangerz, which is the only song of Miley's that I don't really like but that was overshadowed with all the excitement of the show starting. 
Then next up was 4x4, possibly my favourite song. 

Then was a quick outfit change and then Miley was driving across all the stage in a massive gold car singing Love, Money, Party at this point there was a lot of leg in the air and twerking on the car, all what we love from our Miley. Next up was My Darlin and Maybe You're Right. At this point there was a slight wardrobe malfunction that exposed a little more of Miley's ermmm.. private area. Which she then laughed at and apologised for. You have to love her.

After another outfit change was time for FU, Do My Thang and Get It Right. Again some of my favourite Miley songs, especially Get It Right. 

Then Miley disappeared and a MASSIVE statue of her late dog Floyd appeared in the stage. During this the intro of Can't Be Tamed started and the crowd legit were going crazy. And Miley appeared from the slide of Floyd. Next up was Adore You and Drive. During Adore You, on the screens beside the stage and behind it that show the actual show became a 'kisscam' in which EVERYONE began kissing and I mean everyone! 

Miley then again went for an outfit change and during then my sister noticed that some of the band were now on this little stage area at the back of the arena close to us. So we decided to risk our spot to go and stand beside it. I am so glad we did because around a minute later there was Miley standing around 20 feet away from us. If that! I have never felt such an excited atmosphere like that in all my days. On this stage she sang Rooting For My Baby, a cover of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene', a cover of Coldplay's 'The Scientist' and then Bob Dylan's 'You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go' and I love Bob Dylan so this was a treat in itself. 

Miley then returned to the main stage to perform On My Own another favourite of mines. And then Someone Else. For which she climbed onto a massive hotdog which flew her over everyone's head.

For the encore Miley performed We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball (obviously) and I have to say the whole arena was jumping so much that it could have moved. I was singing along to Wrecking Ball as if I was Miley herself putting everything into it! Miley then said goodnight and that she loved us (as they all do at the end of the show) and people started to leave. However being the smart cookies we are we knew that the show wasn't done. The fact the lights hadn't came on should have been a clue to people not to leave! Then Miley was raised on a platform from the ground greeting us with 'I know you mother******* know I wouldn't end a show like this!' and everyone was buzzing again. At this point Miley performed the classic Party In The USA with all the cool stuff like pyrotechnics and confetti going off all around us. 

Party In The USA was unfortunately the last song. I didn't want it to end! All three of us left saying how it was the best night and best concert we had ever been to! 

Here are some of our pics from the night...

The kisscam from Adore You.

Miley on her giant hotdog!

On the smaller stage.

Strike a pose!

Its a party in the USA!

Obviously we had to take a tongues out selfie! Its only right!

So that was our experience of Miley Cyrus. And I still stand by my statement of it being the best concert I have ever been to. And I have been to a lot!

If you have been to the show let me know about your experience!

Till next time,