Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Fave Ellen Videos!

Hey guys, Gemma here!

If you read my idols post then you will know how much I LOVE Ellen DeGeneres. I always watch her show on YouTube when I'm sad, happy, angry, joyful. All that fun stuff. And I thought I would share a few of my favourite videos with you guys!

So funny and so amazinly talented. Elias is an amazing soul! (I would probably act like this if I met Ellen!)

I had to include this one where he returned! Can you understand my Boston accent?

If you haven't yet encountered Sophia Grace and Rosie you must be on another planet! These two beautiful little girls are so talented and so hilarious they have been all over the internet for years! I especially love this one for the 'sack of potatoes bit'!

Your anus means bum.. I love Marshell!

Now Ellen is all about having hilarious and brilliant kids on her show... Check these out.

These. These. These videos are exactly what you are needing after a bad day. I can't describe how many of videos like these I have been hysterically crying over. I know it is called my 'fave' Ellen videos but for these types of them I couldn't pick a specific one. These videos just totally restore my faith in humanity. Ellen is constantly giving things like these.

So that is it guys! I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I do!

Until next time,
Lots of Love

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