Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Fave Ellen Videos!

Hey guys, Gemma here!

If you read my idols post then you will know how much I LOVE Ellen DeGeneres. I always watch her show on YouTube when I'm sad, happy, angry, joyful. All that fun stuff. And I thought I would share a few of my favourite videos with you guys!

So funny and so amazinly talented. Elias is an amazing soul! (I would probably act like this if I met Ellen!)

I had to include this one where he returned! Can you understand my Boston accent?

If you haven't yet encountered Sophia Grace and Rosie you must be on another planet! These two beautiful little girls are so talented and so hilarious they have been all over the internet for years! I especially love this one for the 'sack of potatoes bit'!

Your anus means bum.. I love Marshell!

Now Ellen is all about having hilarious and brilliant kids on her show... Check these out.

These. These. These videos are exactly what you are needing after a bad day. I can't describe how many of videos like these I have been hysterically crying over. I know it is called my 'fave' Ellen videos but for these types of them I couldn't pick a specific one. These videos just totally restore my faith in humanity. Ellen is constantly giving things like these.

So that is it guys! I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I do!

Until next time,
Lots of Love

Friday, 25 April 2014

Ebay wishlist!

Hi everyone, Laura here!

Long time, no post. Life has been pretty crazy lately, but I'm hoping to have some more frequent posts up - huuuuge thankya to Gemz for holding the fort once again!


I thought I'd do a wee post on my current Ebay wishlist. I always find myself spending hours looking through all the cute things on there, so these are a few of the things I'm currently lusting after...



More Issues Than Vogue Sweatshirt

I have this in t shirt form in grey, but I have a few outfit ideas in my head around this and feel like the white jumper would be ideal.


White Wrap Blouse

I'm so in love with this blouse, I think this would go amazing with a pair of dark wash jeans and a pair of black heels and a cute clutch!



Fruit Of The Loom Baseball T Shirt

I've wanted a cute baseball tee for the longest time, and always looked at the American Apparel ones but couldn't justify the price tag. And found these ones cheap and cheerful!


Batman Swimsuit

I stumbled across this beauty and I need it in my life.



So that's currently what I'm lusting after!

What's on your ebay wishlist?! Leave us a comment and let us know!



Until next time...

Lotsa love,



Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Book Club - Blog Style, Take 2!

Gemma here again! I so enjoyed doing my last Book Club post so I thought I might make it a regular thing! Obviously if this is something you find boring just let me know. 'Gemma your books are boring please stop.' and I will!

Since my last book club post I have finished two books and I am half way through my third. But the first one after the last was another Sophie Kinsella, 'Wedding Night'.

Yet another great book by Kinsella. This book literally made me laugh out loud. Again I don't want to give away any spoilers! 'Wedding Night' is about two sisters, Lottie and Fliss. I love the way the book is set out as each chapter is from a different sister and shows their different views on the same events, and as I have a sister myself I could really relate to how it played out. 

During the book, Lottie starts to get depressed about being in her 30's and not being in a committed and stable relationship, so when her first love Ben shows up again and asks for her hand in marriage. She sees it as fate and goes for it! Understandably big sister Fliss thinks Lottie has made a huge mistake (Fliss hasn't even met Ben for crying out loud). So when Lottie skips of to her honeymoon, Fliss goes out her way to make sure it is anything but blissful! 

The antics and ideas that Kinsella come up with in this book are just hysterical. And the way the sisters are both writing about their experiences just link up the whole book into a full circle.

A real heartwarming funny tale. This would be a great book for when you are on holiday sitting next to the pool!

I totally recommend this book and have seen it in lots of 2 for £? deals recently in both WH Smiths and Tesco. So if you love a good book for a good deal, definitely pick it up!

Till next time, 

Lots of Love!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Old Blue Eyes!

Hey guys! Gemma here! Can I just start by saying how much I am hating uni right now?!? It is stressing me out to the max and I am counting down the days until summer!

I always intend to put my eye make up looks up here but never do because I just don't think there is a nice way of photographing my eye. But I've decided to ignore that and just go for it.

So as Laura and I were going to a gig last night, I decided to practice a look that I wanted to do for a night out on Saturday. I am wearing the blue and white Missguided dress from my Haulin' post and knew that I wanted to incorporate blue into my eye look. However I didn't want to go for a full blue shadow look as I do that quite often for nights out (as often as you can use blue shadow, which really isn't all that much). Here is what I came up with...

For this look I simply applied MAC's 'Wedge' all over the lid with my 224 brush so it was really blended and and not structured. I then used Maybelline's gel liner on both my top lash line and in my waterline. I done the top line a lot thicker than I normally do and added a wing which I NEVER do as normally I don't think I suit it but as I was adding a lot underneath my bottom lash line I thought it would work well. I then took my Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Turquoise Forver' which is so so gorgeous and really doesn't get enough love! I thought I would add a little something something to my inner corner so I applied MAC's 'Vex' just for a little sparkle. I really liked how it was starting to look but then out the corner of my eye I noticed my 219 brush had some black shadow on it from a previous night. I didn't add anymore product to the brush and just ran it slightly through my crease just for some definition. Finally I added some mascara and I was done!

I really liked the outcome of this look, it is so much fun just sitting down and seeing what you can come up with!

What did you guys think of this look?

Let me know!

Monday, 7 April 2014


Hey guys! Gemma here! Over the past couple of weeks, I haven't really been able to help myself when it comes to shopping. Normally I am really good with it as well! So I thought I would share what I've picked up with you guys. Again this wasn't all in one sitting!

The first place I stumbled into was Boots. Isn't that always the way? When there I picked up the 'Models Own Speckled Eggs' Nail Polishes and the 'Real Techniques' Blush Brush.

The colour of polishes I got were 'Magpie' (Green) & 'Swan' (Purple). I was so desperate to get my hands on these as I wanted the similar Illamasqua ones that were around last year. Unfortunately those were a little out of my price range, so I was so excited when I heard these were being launched. These polishes are usually £5 each however when I got mines Boots had a 2 for £8 deal on. So really it would have been rude not to get two? I have currently got 'Magpie' on and it is so so perfect! A little post on these to come soon!

I needed a new bronzer brush to contour with  so I thought with this brushes tapered end it would be perfect. Even though it is obviously meant for blush! I have been using it everyday so far and I am absolutely loving it. Available from both Boots and Superdrug - £9.99.

Next I got this super cute dogtooth patterned dress. It is a little on the short side but oh well! Might as well when you are young right? But I think this dress will be totally perfect for both a night out and during the day in the summer! Missguided - £19.99

I am so gutted at how this photographs. Hopefully I can get a picture in it and show you all how gorgeous it really is. A little crochet cardigan which is perfect with jeans just now and will be amazing with shorts in the summer. I love items like this! Hollister - £39 

I then stumbled into good old Primark! I get so excited (sad I know!) when I get to go to Primark. Due to the shopping centre I work in not having one, I never really get to go because I always just do my shopping there. Primark always have really good summer stuff.

Even though I'm not going away anywhere this year that I'll need it, I bought this little pool cover up as I thought it was just so cute. I justified it as I intended of going away for three weeks next year so will need lots. Typical shopping logic right! This was £8.

For going to Rome I already knew I wanted a nice white summer day dress and when I seen this I knew it was the one. It is just a lovely plain white with a flower pattern on top that isn't overbearing. Meaning the dress is still pretty and simple with a little something extra. And it was only £5!!

Oh my. I just couldn't help myself when it came to this bag. I just adore holographic right now. My fave trend! I have a 21st coming up soon and got it to go with the Missguided dress just to add a little something something! £8

If you seen my wishlist post then you would have read me talking about 'Sabo Skirt'. An amazing online Australian website. I eventually bit the bullet and made an order. Not what I had posted about though!

How amazing are these shorts? Legit have not came across another item of clothing so beautiful. Milla Crochet Shorts - 58 AUD

Again this pic does the dress no justice and again hopefully I can post a picture in it soon. The only thing about this dress is that it is very elasticated at the waist so I wish I got a smaller size. Apart from that it is perfect for summer! 58 - AUD. 

The amazing thing about Sabo Skirt as international shipping is only 10 AUD. Which works out around £5.50. Which is what like a pound cheaper than TopShop? & that is that coming all the way from Australia. Crazy. 

Then speak of the devil, was TopShop.

I am a magpie to all things Orange. Not really any rhyme or reason for this top. Just thought it was very cute, very 90s chic! £12

I was desperate for a new pair of nice flat shoes as they are basically the only kind of shoe I don't have a million pairs of. Then I found these bad boys. They go with absolutely everything and are extremely comfy. Also the little horse detail is something different! £24

I also took a little trip to Office.

I love the CT Lite style of converse with the thin sole and unfortunately they are stopping this design of them which I am completely gutted about! I had been eyeing up these blue ones for months but as it was winter, I didn't feel like I would wear them much. However when I was in, I noticed that they were now in the mid season sale and surprisingly they had my size! I just had to get them. I think they would go really well with my little Hollister Cardy, a white top and some shorts in the summer! In the sale at £25. 

Again with the holographic! I actually bought these shoes before the bag and thought the bag would be perfect with these. Again if you seen my wishlist post, you would have seen how I said I wanted these shoes in Black. Oh now I am so glad I didn't get those ones as I am completely in love with these. These are the first heels I've really had that are high without a platform as that has been a really big thing over the past few years so these do take a bit of getting used to for me but apart from that I can't fault them! 'On Top' Shoes - £65

Last but not least was a trip into River Island. 

By this point, I was starting to realise how much I had spent over the past two weeks and with two 21sts, my Dad's birthday and Easter coming up, I thought it best if I took a back seat and only went in as my Mum wanted to. I was doing so well at sticking to my plan until my Mum pointed out these cute shorts. They look really itty bitty in this picture and although they are quite small, they are definitely not this bad! I am a sucker for shorts and basically just buying summer clothes in general! And these were only £6 in the sale so really I didn't do to much damage!

So that it guys! Money definitely well spent in my eyes. Let me know if you have any of the same things!

Until next time!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lauren Conrad Beauty & Style Books!

Hey guys!
Laura here, thought I'd do a little post on two of my favourite fashion/beauty related books, by my favourite person Lauren Conrad! If like me you have admired her from her Laguna Beach days, then you need these books in your life. Her amazing fashion sense is something she's known for, so a peep into her wardrobe & makeup bag is amazing!
Both books are filled with amazing tips and tutorials from day to day looks, to special occasions!
The tutorials are very descriptive, and easy to understand!

My personal fave is Lauren Conrad Style, as Lauren is my fashion idol. So I find any bits about her personal style super interesting! In the book, it talks about finding the right shoes to wear with jeans, to finding your wardrobe staple, to knowing what to wear to a party depending on the invite! Super helpful for all situations.

Not being biased, as I'm a huge fan, these books are amazing. I really would recommend them!
Check them out on Amazon here
Are there any fashion or beauty books that you love?!
Let us know! We'd love to check them out!

Until next time,
Lotsa Love,

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Marc Jacobs Blue Velvet Nail Lacquer Review!

Hey guys! First post of April, I legit can not believe it is April already, nuts! What better to start April off than with a little review?

So back in October my best friend's mum brought me this nail polish back from New York as part of my birthday present. I was so excited as I had never had a proper high end nail lacquer before. (Unless you count OPI and Essie, do you?) It is such a metallic blue colour, I remember that I could wait to try it. Then the other week as I was going to do my nails again I came across this polish and could not remember why I never used it again.

I quickly realised why. The gorgeous colour that the bottle shows, is not transparent onto my nails. It was definetely just a normal dark blue colour, which in honesty was nice. But it was a major let down from what the bottle conveys.

Then to make matters worse, after a day and a half of wear this is what my nails looked like...

And this was the better hand. (Apologies for the state of my nails, damn acrylics). I honestly could not believe how easily this chipped. Serving people in work like this was not a good look! If this was a £3 nail polish then I probably wouldn't mind. However this is Marc Jacobs. MARC JACOBS. I would never expect such a high end brand to come out with such a poor quality product. The packaging of the polish is beautiful but the price for this was $18. Definitely not worth that for just pretty packaging. I feel like bad quality products for such high end brands can be damaging to the brand in itself as people obviously expect the best. The consistency and colour were just very disappointing, sorry to be a Debbie Downer! 

So that is what I thought of the Marc Jacobs Lacquer! Do you own any of these? Or even this one? I'd love to know your take on them if you do!

Till next time!