Wednesday, 12 March 2014

London Baby!!

Hey guys, so so many apologies for the lack of posts, London then straight to a weekend away for my bezzie's 21st then an overnight hospital stay took up all of my time! I won't let it happen again! I thought I would do a little post on what I got up to in London town..

So this trip was from the 3rd of March until the 7th. It was arranged by my Uni to go and find out London's citizen's views on events. Veeeeery boring. I was one of those people that try to stop you in the street and you basically perform gymnastics, trying to avoid. Although we only spent an hour actually doing this. I had been to London once before when I was 13 but that was to see a specialist at a hospital so I never got to do all the tourist-y stuff. This time was very different!

There is no mistaking that London is a beautiful beautiful city, especially here with the sun setting over the Houses of Parliament. So on the 4th we visited here, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  All stunning.

My and I acting like the ultimate tourists. We got to Big Ben just before 4pm and we were so amazed when it went off.

We also visited the London Eye, London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds which we got an amazing deal on as we bought them together. I had been desperate to go to Madame Tussauds as I had always seen pictures of it and just thought it was amazing. And it did not disappoint! It is so much more than just waxworks, if you go to London and only have time to do one of these excursions I recommend that and while I don't want to give one anything away, the Chamber of Horrors was crazy scary, I left without a voice and all of us found that small section scarier than the whole of the Dungeons! Now don't get me wrong I thought the Dungeons were amazing and the actors in it are better than some I've seen in the West End but I didn't find it all that scary. The London Eye is something everyone has to do in London and it was so much fun. The views were so amazing at all points of the Eye. Our ride was made that little bit better as the 9 of us got a pod to ourselves and one of  the girls decided to pop open her prosecco that she had bought for the night out that night. 

Selfies with Britney!

Having a glass of prosecco on the Eye!

Now the biggest downside was the nightlife. £5.90 my friend was charged for a vodka lemonade and lime. £5.90!! I don't think in Glasgow I've ever paid more than £3 for a double. Oh how I missed home that night. Me and two of the other girls actually went back to the hotel as it was so expensive and we would rather have spent our money on excursions. Good thing we did as one of our friends spent more than £200! I understand its a capital city but its so extreme!

I had a great time in London but for me I couldn't wait to be back in my beloved Glasgow! 

Let us know your view on London town!

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