Friday, 14 February 2014


Hey guys, Gemma here!

So the other day I booked my summer holiday to Rome. I am so so excited, even though I am not going until July I can't help myself looking for summer clothes. Even though I have a full wardrobe of summer items. I am also going to London with my uni in March so again I keep shopping for that! This is quite a big wishlist guys but it is just things that I like the look of, there is no way I'd be able to buy them all!

1. Semi-sheer Clutch Bag - £15. Topshop. I LOVE Orange. It is my ultimate favourite colour and I feel like this would be a gorgeous bag with a monochrome outfit just to add that pop of colour. It would be fabulous on a night out.

2. Hex Leather Holdall Bag - £95. Topshop. I love the colour of this bag, I just think it is so gorgeous. I was looking at this bag for using on the plane and in the airport. It is huge so it would be the most perfect bag for someone taking a trip for a few days. 

3. 'On Top' Black Patent Heels - £65. Office. I don't think I have ever owned a pair of pointed heels and I didn't think they were my style however I am totally in love with these heels. I think they would be perfect for a date night or just going for drinks with the girls. Can't you see these in a monochrome outfit with the orange bag? Tied up with a black blazer? 

4. JuJu Maxi Low Jelly Mega Glitter - £20. Office. Quite the mouthful huh? I know JuJu and Jelly shoes have been around for years and they remind me of when I was a tiny tot. However I feel like they were everywhere last summer and made a massive comeback. At this point I thought they were ridiculous and wondered why anyone over five was wearing them. Now I am eating my own words and I am desperate for a pair. I think they would be so cute as I strut through the streets of Roma! Also, my niece Ava has a pair so what would be better than matching with her? (Even if she is 5 months old..)

5. Shilin Mesh Panel Strappy Midi Dress in Cream - £24.99. Missguided. A dress I think is a little different than the norm and I love it. I think this dress would be so gorgeous on a night out.

6. Spring Day Playsuit - 48 Australian Dollars. Sabo Skirt. Have you guys seen or checked out Sabo Skirt yet? It is literally the most amazing online store I have ever came across. There is not one item on it that I am not in love with. It is an Australian clothing site and it full scale breaks my heart that they don't have a UK site, however they do do international delivery for a decent $10. I have been fighting with myself on whether to get this, it has a criss cross back and I have never loved a playsuit so much. It would be amazing in the summer with a tan. Uhhh I want it so bad. I am just afraid of paying for things in a different currency.

7. Nectar Dress - 58 Australian Dollars. Sabo Skirt. Again another item from Sabo Skirt that I desperately want to buy myself for summer. I know that for Rome I really want a white summer dress for during the day and I think this is perfect. It is backless so it is a like risque but you are only going to be able to wear stuff like this when you are young so why not? Please encourage me to buy these guys because I am in love. If you haven't already, I definitely recommend giving Sabo Skirt a look for your summer stuff!

So guys, this is what I have been lusting over the past few weeks, what do you all think about them? Do you have your eye on anything at the moment? Let us know!

These are all my own opinions. 


  1. great wish list I can't wait to summer shop! Just to let you know I recently got a pair of jelly shoes pretty much identical to those ones and they were only £15 :)

    1. Summer shopping is definitely the best! Oh no way, where did you get yours from?

      Gemma & Laura xx

  2. Love this post!

    Have a wonderful day.


    1. Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to check it out 😀!

      Gemma & Laura xxxx

  3. I just nominated you girls for the Liebster Award, here is the link to the post!

    Mary-Ann xx

  4. Oh my gosh, the pink playsuit is so adorable! Hopefully they have it available for a low price where I live!
    By the way, excellent wish list :)
    Sierra Calah ♥ Berry Stylish