Friday, 28 February 2014

My Idols!

Hey guys! Gemma here!

I know this post might be a little strange as its not an area specifically related with anything at all. However the other day I was thinking about people that inspired me and why not do a post about it? Mainly, my mum, aunt, sister, big cousin and gran are my main idols. I feel so blessed to have been raised in a family that has such strong women in it. Each and everyone of them is so loving and would do anything for anyone  but they are also head strong and know exactly what they want. Buuuuut I thought I would just write about my celebrity idols as you guys don't know my family! Ok once again I have rambled on... I feel this is becoming a problem!


I literally do not think I will be able to describe my love for this woman. At first I only knew Ellen as the voice of the memory-impaired Dory in Pixar's 'Finding Nemo'. Then when I became interested in YouTube, I came across her channel that posts videos from her show. After watching about two, I instantly fell in love with her. If you haven't already, check out the channel. Ellen constantly gives back to people that are in need. Normal people that maybe have medical bills that are piling up or say, homes that have been destroyed by hurricanes and such. I swear the majority of Ellen's videos leave me in tears.  She is also HYSTERICALLY funny, without even trying to be. Her kind and warm soul shows through just from being on tv and it seems to be that everyone she works with just loves her. Which I totally understand. Ellen's morals and kindess are something, I feel, are very rare in people these days and it is so refreshing to see it. Especially in a celebrity. I love Ellen!


I have my fabulous gran to thank for this one! The Divine Miss M. Bette Midler has been famous since the 70's and she still conveys herself as a normal, down to earth woman. Beaches is 100% my favourite film of all time and she just blows me away with her performance as 'C.C Bloom'. It wasn't a strange occurrence for me to go into school singing 'The Glory of Love' at aged 10! Bette sings what she wants to sing, does what movies she wants and looks how she wants. Even after more than 3 decades in the limelight, she has stayed the same. Which I completely admire. So many people become famous and with in a space of a year are different people and artists all together. Bette hasn't. She is also a serious advocate for the environment  which is so rare for a celebrity to try to raise concern about. Bette knows what she stands for and goes for it, very empowering. She is also hysterical in 'Hocus Pocus' so really you have to love her!


I have loved Demi since her Disney days. We all know about the personal problems that Demi has faced in recent years and that has only made me love her more. I know that discussing eating disorders is a lot more acceptable now than what it has been in recent years but I also feel it is still very 'taboo' to talk about, especially for celebrities. So when Demi decided to open up and honestly discuss her disorder, I was so inspired. Demi has also been a beautiful girl and always been a girl that has a good figure so by discussing it Demi let everyone know that these things really can happen to anyone. Demi is such a role model to young girls as recent studies have shown girls as young as SIX (SIX!!??!!) are developing eating disorders. So I feel by talking about it Demi is showing that you can move on from these things, yes it will be a daily struggle but you can do it. There is so much pressure on girls and woman to look a certain way and be a certain size and I feel we need celebrities, talking about things like this. Demi stands for people being the way they are which is so admirable. She is also crazy talented which just makes her even more amazing. (she also always has amazing hair). Stay Strong Demi!

So they are my main idols! I tell you when I was 16 this would be very different. I know this post was different from usual and also very ramb-ly! Apologies! Let me know about people you admire? Do we share any idols?

Until next time...

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