Monday, 3 February 2014

Lets Talk About Blackheads...

Ok guys, I know what you all are thinking, what the heck is this post? A post about blackheads? How very odd! Now seriously, lets face it, most of us have them but we just don't like talking about them! When I was younger I always thought that blackheads meant my face was dirty. Now I am older I know this is so not the case, blackheads can be caused just through daily living! It is so easy for things in the air to just get into your pores therefore causing blackheads.

Now the only area I really have them is my nose. And I have never put in much effort into get of rid of them as I could always cover them with make up. Then I seen a picture floating around social networking about how to get rid of them using just stuff you have in the house.

Ok guys, when I seen this I was took in right away, I just wanted to try it!  So I did. 

So I got all my stuff, I used Simple's face gel cleanser, Tesco's own baking soda and just regular salt. I got my bowl and spoon and got to mixing!

So I added all the 'ingredients' and it formed this gloopy paste which was definitely not the consistency I was expecting, I'm not sure why I thought it would be any different. So in then put it all over my nose. This was way harder than I expected, it was sticking to my hands, the spoon, the bowl. It was a tough experiment. The picture said to keep it on for 5 minutes but guys that was so not possible. I had this on for 2 minutes tops, if even that and my face was on fire! Guys I was nearly crying it was so painful. I dunked my face into a sink filled with cold water and even then it took a while to cool down. I had to smoother my face in moisturiser. This is definitely a case of 'too good to be true'. After the extreme burning to my face, my blackheads looked slightly better but then a few hours later they were the exact same again!

So guys if yous see this picture floating around, DO NOT TRY IT! Unless you have already tried it and it some how managed to work for you, in that case, let me know how you did it.

Until next time guys,

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