Saturday, 4 January 2014

What I got for Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all well :-)

I couldn't think of what post to do and Gemma suggested that I do this - so here I am! I had a really great Christmas, and was lucky enough to spend it at my Gran's house with the family which was perfect.

My main presents from my parents, which I didn't photograph, were a pair of over the knee boots from Forever 21 and a gorgeous coat from H&M which I had been lusting over for a good while and couldn't be happier that I now have it!


Vera Wang Lovestruck is my all time favourite perfume, and after dropping a lot of not-so-subtle hints, my lovely dad bought it for me! I love it, and weirdly have always wanted to own a rollerball perfume! Weirdo.



Another amazing Vera Wang perfume gift set, which I got from my boss. This smells so yummy and lasts so long! And the bottle is gorgeous!



Possibly my favourite present. I have been dying to watch it for absolutely ages, the fam and I have just finished season one and we are hooked! Aaron Paul is gorgeous, so that definitely helps!

My mum picked this out for me, from the Avon catalogue and I can't wait to try it out, the steps look really easy to follow and hopefully the end result will be good! Possibly a review?!





I got this lovely Steve Madden clutch from my Aunt, along with a beaut snood! I can't wait to use this bag, I think it'll defo finish off an outfit!




I got this amazing bag from one of my best friends Elizabeth and I am obsessed! I have used it sooo much already, it's really similar to Gemma's Celine Inspired bag from our What's in my bag post (here) except it is covered in skulls. And anyone who knows me, knows how much I love skulls!



So there it is, my what I got for Christmas post, I hope you have enjoyed it! As I'm such a nosey person, leave a wee comment with what you got!


Lotsa Love,





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    1. Hi! Thanks so much, we have just followed you now - loving your blog!
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