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The Best Friend Tag!!

Hey guys! As we are best friends that share a blog, we thought, obviously we have to do the best friend tag! We got the questions from Agoraphobic Fashionista's best friend tag & slightly used the way she laid it out! 

How and when did you meet and what were your first impressions?
G: We met in the end of first year of high school, so when we were 12! Crazy. When we first met we both thought we didn't like each other, awkward! Permanent bitch face from me back in the day. 
L: What she said...

What's your favourite memory together?
G: My favourite memory by far is one day when I was sitting in Laura's room, just casually chatting and Laura went to pull out her box of CD's and she full scale slid due to her socks and ended up ten feet in the air then a heap on the floor. The best part was that she was still holding the box in the air! Obviously I was a good best friend and just laughed instead of helping her up. 
L: Oh my. Where do I even start - the amount of thing I could write... But my favourite is one day we were having a lazy day (as we usually do!) and neither of us like talking on the phone, so we took turns phoning a place to order for some food. Gemma's went first and had a complete brain fart - and started kind of... babytalking?  I swear I have never laughed so much, because she ended up asking for "an owda fow dewivawy" hahaha. The man who was less than impressed, replied in the strongest scottish accent "naw" and Gemma then panicked and shouted down the phone "KAY THANKS BYE" we then laughed for about 20 minutes straight, before I could compose myself to phone and order a Dominos. Maybe you had to be there?

Describe each other in one word
G: How to describe Laura, that is a tough one when I only have one word. Brilliant. Ever since we have been friends, I've been able to totally be myself with her. She never judges people and never has a bad word to say about people (even if they aren't the nicest of people themselves). & basically just makes my day that wee bit brighter!
L: Twin. That'd be the word I'd use. The amount of times we have suggested the exact same thing, turned up wearing practically the same outfit and buying each other the same Birthday present. So we are basically twins. My sista from anotha mista! 

What's your dream job?
G: Pixar. With out a doubt. They are all my favourite films and I just think that every day there would be exciting and new. However I am not creative and I have no imagination so I don't really have a chance, not to mention I live in the wrong country. 
L: I'd love love love to have a job in the music industry. I am obsessed with music, and couldn't imagine how amazing it would be to actually have a job that involved it. I like Gemma think I would need to move to somewhere else like London or LA. Dream big right?!

What's your favourite make-up brand?
G: I love most of them but I have got to say MAC. Always has been since I got into make up and probably always will be! I do have loads of love for other brands though.
L: My fave would probably be either Rimmel for their lippys or Maybelline for their foundations!

What is something that annoys you about each other?
G: Probably that she is her worst critic. Laura doesn't ever give herself enough credit for how amazing she is!
L: This is something that we both do, that annoys us both. But, we are so indecisive and can never make a decision in a quick time. We take about an hour to decide what to have for dinner! 

If you could go anywhere together, where would it be and why?
G: I would have definitely have to say New York. Anyone who knows me knows I would say that. I have been loads of times and I am literally in love with the city. I would love to be able to take Laura to all my favourite places and show her my favourite city!
L: I'd love to go to NY with Gemz, but I'd really want to go to Los Angeles, you know go to all the hotspots that the cast of The Hills or Keeping Up With The Kardashian's go to. We are huge fans of both shows. I mean who doesn't love Justin Bobby?! A man so great he needed two names!

Who takes the longest to get ready?
G: Me probably. I go for the whole enchilada when I do my make up whereas Laura is slightly more casual, so I'd probably have to say me.
L: Ehh... it might actually be me, as it takes me so long to actually get out my bed. It's just so comfy! 

What is it like to have a Best Friend who blogs?
G: Great! Especially sharing one together, it means even when one is swamped with stuff you can always depend on your bezzie to have your back.
L: So much fun. We text each other like 20 times a day with blog related stuff. It's good that you can share something like this, cause atleast they don't think you are a creeper, that talks about makeup to strangers online. 
Heels of Flats?
G: HEELS!! I love heels, I love how they make my legs skinny & long.
L: Heels. For the same reason as Gemma. Haha! Although, I'm a big fan of converse! 

Pants or Dresses?
G: Probably 'pants', especially for work. I went in the other day and all the girls said 'you look so nice today!' so I should probably be a little more into my outfits for work! However I can't say I've ever wore pants on a night out!
L: I like both. But I find myself wearing more "pants" jeans, than dresses. For a party though, a dress is my go to!

Favourite Animal
G: Tigers. Dolphins. I can never pick between them , they have always been the top since I was about five. I've been fortunate enough to have the chance to swim with dolphins on three separate occasions. Hopefully when I go to Thailand I will get to see some tigers up close!
L: I'm not a huge animal lover, as I'm allergic to a lot of them. But I do love bunny rabbits as I used to have one, who I adored!! 

If your house was burning down and your entire family were safe, what would you save and why?
G: Photo Album for definite. It has all of my favourite memories in the one place and when I'm felling a bit down I always reach for it. I love photos. 
L: It's a choice of 3 things, A massive bunny cuddly toy that my dad bought for me when I was a baby, a humpty dumpty musical snowglobe which I've also had since I was wee or it would be a little dear trinket box, that my gran got me for Christmas two years ago - and when I opened it, it was so nice and personal that when I phoned to thank her for it, I couldn't even speak for crying!

What is something weird that you eat?
G: I am gonna go for Pickles. Like Pickled Onions. I eat them for lunch and everything. As in like a big bowl on pickled onions!
L: Gemma, will vouch for me that I am such a fussy eater. I don't really have the best relationship with food, but what I do eat is odd. My personal favourite is a beetroot sandwich - which when I tell people that's what I'm having for lunch, their face normally screws up, and the words "ewwww" quickly follow.

What is your favourite blog (other than each others)?
G: Zoella! I am in love with Zoella, she just seems like such a nice and genuine person. Her posts and videos always entertain me. I especially love her Primark hauls, she always finds the most amazing things there that I always miss.
L: Without a doubt Lily Melrose's blog! Her fashion sense is amazing, and her posts are fab. 

So that is us guys! I hope that gives you a bit more of an insight into our friendship! We tag all you guys to do this with your best friends! 

Until next time guys, have a good one!

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