Thursday, 2 January 2014

Five things to do in 2014.

Hey guys!

Laura again, thought I'd do a little post on some stuff I wanna do in 2014, in hopes that because it's on here, it'll motivate me to actually do it.

1. Blog more. Yep. I really enjoy it so far and I love to write, so I really want to do this!

2. Get another tattoo. I have it already picked out, written out and ready to go but just need to find the time (and the guts!!) to get it done.

3. Go see more gigs. I already have a couple set for this year, but I love live music so much. And couldn't be more excited to see Brand New this year! I definitely want to see as many people as possible and try and top last year but I seen my absolute 3 faves last year - Eminem, The Maine and was lucky enough to see The 1975 twice! Plus a few more too!

4. Be spontaneous. I touched on this on my last post but it's something I really want to do this year. They say your 20's are supposed to be your selfish years, so may as well use that to its full advantage!

5. Go on a midnight drive. Music blaring and taking a bajillion pictures.


So that's just five of the things I want to do this year.

Leave a comment with the five things you want to do!

And Gemz I want you to do a post like this too! :-)

Lots of Love,



  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. Thank you so much for the follow.
    Follow you back on bloglovin.
    Btw,I'm also on Instagram,maybe you like my account?
    Lovely greets from germany ;-)

    1. Thanks so much for following & comment!
      We will get onto Instagram just now :)

  3. Hiii! I love your blog!! Its soooo cute! I just followed you!
    I want to do all of these things in 2014 as well. Especially blog more! Happy New Year.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much!
      We have just followed back! Good luck with your goals!!

  4. What great resolutions! I have just discovered your blog and i'm already in love!
    - Millie xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment!!
      Laura & Gemma