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13 Favourite Beauty Products from 2013!

Hey guys! Gemma here. We are now already in the third week of 2014! During these three weeks I have been meaning to get this post up. At least it is up before the end of this year! This is my 13 favourite beauty products of 2013!

1. Foundation = Revlon's Nearly Naked

I have to say, the high street/drug store foundations this year have been insanely good. Definitely improving on previous years and becoming amazing dupes for high end foundations. When I first seen Nearly Naked advertised I immediately wanted to try it. Then there was a bit of a hype about it on the internet and I totally agree with all the amazing reviews it received. I enjoy a medium to build-able coverage in terms of foundation and when I first got this in the summer of '13, my skin was in really good condition and decided to get a lighter coverage foundation as the name 'Naked' suggests. However this foundation is definitely medium and build-able coverage. However if applied lightly it can be a light light coverage. When my skin has been great and I haven't needed as much coverage and when my skin is horrible and I need every possible bit of coverage, this foundation works wonders! There are also so many different shades available which isn't always the case with high street/drug store foundations.

2.Concealer = Bobbi Brown Corrector 

Ok, so technically this isn't a concealer. But it is the love of my life! There is not enough words I can use to describe this corrector. It is suppose to be applied and then concealer is applied over it. I only do this on a night out. I find that the corrector in itself is enough for those pesky under eye circles. And trust me, mines are panda like bad. This works on spots and blemishes beautifully also. It is a bit pricey at £18.50 but it is so so worth it. It lasts forever and makes such a difference.

3. Blush = Mac's Archie's Girl Betty in Cream Soda

When the Mac Archie's Girl collection came out, I instantly fell in love with the blushes. The packaging was so cute and I was desperate for them. However, both blushes in the collection where £19 and with a holiday coming up I only allowed myself to get one. I got the Veronica one which is a hot pink colour. I decided not to get the Betty one as I was afraid it wouldn't show up great on my skin after looking at various reviews. Then a few weeks later my sister returned from her holiday with this beauty for me. I tried it and it instantly gave me the most gorgeous natural flush. I was hooked and since then I am constantly reaching for this blush. I was in two minds about including this in my favourites as it is limited edition. However I didn't want to but in another blush just for the sake of it. If I find any dupes for this, I will definitely let you guys know!

4. Bronzer = Nars 'Laguna'

Now I have used this bronzer for the past two years and the thought of using another has not even crossed my mind. I know there are loads of another great bronzers out there but they don't even get a look in for me! If you guys ever see another bronzer in one of my posts I shall eat my hats! Laguna is perfect for all over colour or contouring. I can't describe its perfect-ness. I just love it!

5.Mascara = Too Faced's 'Lashgasm' Maybelline's 'The Rocket'

I couldn't pick between these two as the majority of the start of 2013 I used 'The Rocket' and the second half I used 'Lashgasm'. These have both became holy grail products. Both give my lashes amazing length and volume and make them appear so black. I love the way my lashes look after using these mascaras. Both the wands enable me to reach my lashes at the inner corner of my eye and are great for my bottom lashes too. 

6.Eyeliner = Maybelline's 'Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in  Black'

I don't quite understand the name of this liner, seems a bit OTT for me. However this is one of the best gel liners I have used. Up there with Bobbi Brown and Mac, but with half the price! I am a gel liner girl through and through and this liner just applies gorgeously. A solid black line is achieved so effortlessly and creates the most gorgeous cat flick. This also comes with a little brush which is so good! I normally never use the brushes that come with products but this brush is brilliant. It works so well with the liner.

7.Eyeshadow = Mac's 'Epresso'

This was one of the first ever Mac shadows I got many years ago and it is still my most favourite eyeshadow. (and I own way too many). It is just a plain matte brown but it is so versatile. It can be used in the crease, all over in lid, under the bottom lash line and just looks amazing with almost every other colour I own. I am trying to use more of my shadows as a few of them suffer from serious neglect, but it is so hard not to just go for good old Espresso as I know whatever I am doing, this shadow will look fab. If you are just starting out with Mac, I would definitely recommend this as you will always get some use out of it.

8.Palette = Too Faced 'Natural Eye Palette'

If there is one palette you get, I so recommend this! There are so many possibilities with this palette and the colours are so beautiful and so highly pigmented. I prefer this palette over both my Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes! I feel like with the Naked palettes there is just so much fall out from the shadows. Which is my pet hate. I don't want to pay that amount of money for the shadow to end up all over my face or have to sit and tap my brush repeatedly before I can use it. I have experienced absolutely no fall out from this palette and I have used this for years. This is my second one and you can see how well used it is! The palette also includes three cards with instructions for looks using the shadows included which is so helpful if you are just starting out with eyeshadow, even then they are still great looks!

9. Lips=Mac's 'Brave'

I have tons and tons of lipsticks but Mac's are my ultimate favourite. The texture is just so smooth and always leave my lips feeling good. I got Brave at the end of last year and this is my go to lipstick. Brave is a 'your lips but better lipstick' which means it is a natural lip shade but with the little something extra. This is a shade that I think would suit lots of different skin types and would be suitable for everyone! So many of my friends have also picked this up now!

10. Highlight = Mac's 'Lightscapade'

Lightscapade is a mineralize skinfinish which used to be limited edition but I think it has been made permanent. I could be wrong though. I apply this with an angled brush above my cheekbone and down the centre of my nose and it just give the most natural glow. I love highlight products and have been through many and Lightscapade is a winner for me. The veining in the product lets the colour be as natural as possible. Simply stunning!

11. Brows = Sleeks 'Brow Kit'

Through the years I have used lots of different products for my brows from high end pencils to eyeshadows and this is by far my favourite brow product of all time. At the start of 2013, Laura and myself were shopping and obviously we ended up in Superdrug. Laura was talking about this product and I hadn't tried it before. As my pencil was nearly done I decided to pick one up. Laura loved it so I knew I would to! It is a wax and a powder and my eyebrows look so full whilst natural when I use it (and use it properly!) It is similar to the Benefit Brow Zings but I do prefer the Sleek one and it is a margin of the price. Props to Laura for encouraging me to get this! I haven't looked back!

12.Nail Polish = Essie in 'Fiji' 

Oh guys, Fiji. Oh Fiji. How I love thee. I have lusted after this nail polish for what feels like forever. & Laura will so back me up on that. The amount of times my poor chum has had to listen to me talk about how much I wanted it. With this being said, I never let myself buy it. I own an immense amount of nail polish and as 2013 was quite an expensive year for me, I couldn't justify around £13 on a nail polish. What a foolish mistake. I asked Santa for this and have barely had it of since. I only had it around two weeks of 2013 and it took over all my other favourites for the winner of 2013. Fiji is a beautiful and natural baby pink. I feel like I have no other polish as beautiful. It makes my nails gorgeous! I do feel like it takes a few coats to achieve the best colour which does mean it can chip easier. I still love it though!

13. Tool = Mac's 219 Brush

I haven't included a picture of this because my brush is currently dirty, however I did use a picture in my 'How to clean your make up brushes' post if you would like to see it! Ever since I got this brush in the summer of 2012, the 219 brush has been my holy grail brush. It just applies the colour so well to the crease and under the lash line. When I am going a smokey eye I always use this brush and then if need be I can use my 224 brush to blend the shadow out more if I feel like it. It is always easier to blend it out more than to take it away! Definitely my favourite brush of all time!

So that is my favourite beauty products of 2013! Sorry it has took so long to get this up. Are any of the products your favourites too? And what did you guys love in 2013? Let us know!

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