Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nail Rock Glitter Nails Review!

Hi guys! Gemma here!

For Christmas, my amazing big cousin Nicola got me the 'Nail Rock Glitter Nails' in Pink. She knows how much I love doing nice things to my nails (i loved the caviar trend) so this was perfect for me.

In the kit you get a nail polish and a big pot of glitter in similar colours. I am normally not a pink kind of girl but I think this colour is absolutely gorgeous. My cousin also said that she wouldn't have normally picked pink for me but she was drawn to it and I totally understood why. The polish is a baby pink and then the glitter is a little darker which just gives it that little something extra. 

The kit also includes instructions on how to apply the glitter and I was surprised at how simple it was! All you have to do it paint your nails with two coats of the polish and when your nail is still wet, dip it into the pot of glitter. I honestly thought it would be so much more complex and messy! Once all your nails are done you have to leave them to try for 15-20 minutes, I left mines about half an hour though, one whole episode of 'My Wife and Kids!'  Once they have dried, you just brush of the excess and you are good to go.

This was the finished result! Apologies about the state of my nails, working in a shoe shop, moving boxes around and so, my nails are constantly snapping. Not good. So I had just recently filed them to give them a chance to grow again. Honestly I loved the instant glamour of my nails and I thought these would be perfect for a night out.

I done this at around 7pm and for the rest of the night just took it easy. Had some wine and watched a movie with my family! When I went to bed they were still in perfect condition. However, this was not the case when I woke up the next day. Most of my nails had absolutely nothing left on them and a few were left with a tiny amount. My bed sheets were coated in glitter, I would imagine its what RuPaul's bed sheets look like! I was so so disappointed, I am going to try this again with another coat to see if it makes a difference. If any of you guys have used this and get it to last long, let me know how you did it! If this effect lasted longer than a snooze, it would be my new favourite product.

I am sure you can pick this up everywhere, Boots, Superdrug and fashion stores like TopShop sell it as well. Even Missguided stock it. I am sure it is around £7 as well and if it lasted, this would be a great price for what it is.

Until next time!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Vanity Tour!

One of my favourite things in my room, is my eiffel tower candle holder - I got it from one of the suppliers we use in my work and I am in love with it! I also have my new Yankee Candle burning, it smells so good! (Thanks GS!)

I got this plastic organiser from TK Maxx for around £8, and it is brilliant. It holds 12 lipsticks, with back compartments which is where I keep scissors and eyelash curlers! I also have a moisturiser and primer balancing on one of the compartments, there is also a large compartment where I keep a small glass filled with my make up brushes!

I have a small wicker basket sitting on my vanity, which is filled with samples from magazines etc to try out, but as you can see they just keep piling up! I'm aiming to try something from there a few times a month!

The next few pictures are in my make up drawer, I use cutlery dividers from IKEA to seperate everything and it works great!  

This is a few pictures of under my vanity, I keep most of my body care, haircare and other perfumes here. You can totally see my love for Lee Stafford products here - I mean the man is a hair genius! 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Liebster Award.

Hey everyone!
The lovely Emma, over at TansyPansy has nominated Tartan Fairytales for the Liebster Award, which is a sort of tag that is going around for bloggers with under 200 followers, to help out other bloggers in the same boat! So thanks so much Emma for the nomination! We have tagged 11 bloggers - apologies if you have already done the tag! 
Ok, so in the tag you are asked 11 questions, have to ask 11 amd nominate 11 bloggers!
These are the ones Emma asked...

What is your favourite fashion season? Autumn/Winter? Spring/Summer?
L: For me, it's definitely winter. I love coats, scarfs and loadsa layers!
G: Summer, summer, summer! I love being able to just throw on a light jacket or a t-shirt and just go!

How long does it take you to do your makeup on a day-to-day basis?

L: It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes!
G: Around 10 minutes if I'm just doing the basics. However if I go all out with eyeshadow about 30! Then if I add contouring that, about 50 minutes!

Top skin care product?

L: Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser! I'm obsessed!
G: All the Simple products, especially the moisturiser.

Is there a novel/film/song that's changed your life or made you think differently?

L: The Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney. Listen to it - it explains it all.
G: Aw.. This question. There are so such I could list. Especially songs. However I have to say Hurt- Johnny Cash. I know this song is originally by Nine Inch Nails but if you listen to the two, you can just hear all the emotion from Cash. Even the frontman Nine Inch Nails said how amazing the cover is. The video just adds to it all. Ugh, favourite.

What's your favourite high street shop?

L: Zara or H&M. I'm in love with both, and find myself always lusting after at least one thing from each store.
G: Zara or Topshop. Always on top form!

What item of clothing do you find yourself wearing the most?

L: Right now, it's my black coat with leather panels on the collar and shoulders from H&M which I got at the start of December and have worn it everyday since I got it!
G: Mmm, this is a tough one for me as I don't normally wear the same thing regularly. I do have two Will Smith T-Shirts from Topman that I tend to wear a lot.

If you had enough money to spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would you most want to do?

L: I'd want to see how many different places I could see and obviously go shopping in each place! Duh!
G: Again I think this one is tough! Treat my family with stuff probably!

How do you beat the January blues?

L: Spend time with friends and family, they make everything better! And that for sure beats the January Blues!
G: Totally agree with Laura! Also a little pamper night with a bath bomb and candles. Maybe even some wine thrown in...!

What's the best holiday you've ever had?

L: Lanzarote with my family, years ago. It's a holiday that will always put a smile on my face when I think about it!
G: Ohhh I don't know how to pick! Probably my holiday to Florida in 2012 as all my close family were there, 12 of us! That holiday was also the first time I got to see my cousin since she moved to Australia in late 2011. But I also loved my holiday to Spain in 2013, mines and my Sam's first holiday and we were there for our second anniversary, it was an amazing time. And finally I had a brilliant holiday to Malia in  2011 with some school friends, however the less said about that the better! So those three are the top ones!

What have you most enjoyed about blogging so far?

L: Everything - the whole blogging thing in general has been brill and getting feedback from people is amazing.
G: I love getting to see how people respond to our blog. Sometimes when I am writing, I forget that people can actually read this! Everyone support and loving comments are really special to me, grateful for anyone and everyone who reads this!

Do you have any top tips for being single on Valentines Day?

L: Don't get sucked into the whole "oh my gosh! I'm so alone on V' day!" It's not a big deal! Get some pizza and watch a chick flick!
G: Again, I'm agreeing with Laura (twinny!). I don't understand people who are like 'Forever Alone, whyyyyyy!' Valentines Day is suppose to be a day of love, you don't need a partner for that. Show your family, show your friends!

Okay, so that's Emma's 11 questions!
Now for ours!

1. What is your go to item in your wardrobe/closet?
2. What made you start blogging?
3. Which celeb (who doesn't blog) would you most love to see start a blog?
4. Who is your favourite band or singer?
5. What is your dream job?
6. What is a trend that became big, that you just didn't get?
7. What is your most overrated beauty product?
8. A beauty product you couldn't live without?
9. If you could be any celebrity for the day, who would you be?
10. Favourite film and why?
11. If you could have one superhero power what would you chose?

We tag:
(Again, sorry if you have already done the tag!)


Lotsa Love,

Find us on:

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Best Friend Tag!!

Hey guys! As we are best friends that share a blog, we thought, obviously we have to do the best friend tag! We got the questions from Agoraphobic Fashionista's best friend tag & slightly used the way she laid it out! 

How and when did you meet and what were your first impressions?
G: We met in the end of first year of high school, so when we were 12! Crazy. When we first met we both thought we didn't like each other, awkward! Permanent bitch face from me back in the day. 
L: What she said...

What's your favourite memory together?
G: My favourite memory by far is one day when I was sitting in Laura's room, just casually chatting and Laura went to pull out her box of CD's and she full scale slid due to her socks and ended up ten feet in the air then a heap on the floor. The best part was that she was still holding the box in the air! Obviously I was a good best friend and just laughed instead of helping her up. 
L: Oh my. Where do I even start - the amount of thing I could write... But my favourite is one day we were having a lazy day (as we usually do!) and neither of us like talking on the phone, so we took turns phoning a place to order for some food. Gemma's went first and had a complete brain fart - and started kind of... babytalking?  I swear I have never laughed so much, because she ended up asking for "an owda fow dewivawy" hahaha. The man who was less than impressed, replied in the strongest scottish accent "naw" and Gemma then panicked and shouted down the phone "KAY THANKS BYE" we then laughed for about 20 minutes straight, before I could compose myself to phone and order a Dominos. Maybe you had to be there?

Describe each other in one word
G: How to describe Laura, that is a tough one when I only have one word. Brilliant. Ever since we have been friends, I've been able to totally be myself with her. She never judges people and never has a bad word to say about people (even if they aren't the nicest of people themselves). & basically just makes my day that wee bit brighter!
L: Twin. That'd be the word I'd use. The amount of times we have suggested the exact same thing, turned up wearing practically the same outfit and buying each other the same Birthday present. So we are basically twins. My sista from anotha mista! 

What's your dream job?
G: Pixar. With out a doubt. They are all my favourite films and I just think that every day there would be exciting and new. However I am not creative and I have no imagination so I don't really have a chance, not to mention I live in the wrong country. 
L: I'd love love love to have a job in the music industry. I am obsessed with music, and couldn't imagine how amazing it would be to actually have a job that involved it. I like Gemma think I would need to move to somewhere else like London or LA. Dream big right?!

What's your favourite make-up brand?
G: I love most of them but I have got to say MAC. Always has been since I got into make up and probably always will be! I do have loads of love for other brands though.
L: My fave would probably be either Rimmel for their lippys or Maybelline for their foundations!

What is something that annoys you about each other?
G: Probably that she is her worst critic. Laura doesn't ever give herself enough credit for how amazing she is!
L: This is something that we both do, that annoys us both. But, we are so indecisive and can never make a decision in a quick time. We take about an hour to decide what to have for dinner! 

If you could go anywhere together, where would it be and why?
G: I would have definitely have to say New York. Anyone who knows me knows I would say that. I have been loads of times and I am literally in love with the city. I would love to be able to take Laura to all my favourite places and show her my favourite city!
L: I'd love to go to NY with Gemz, but I'd really want to go to Los Angeles, you know go to all the hotspots that the cast of The Hills or Keeping Up With The Kardashian's go to. We are huge fans of both shows. I mean who doesn't love Justin Bobby?! A man so great he needed two names!

Who takes the longest to get ready?
G: Me probably. I go for the whole enchilada when I do my make up whereas Laura is slightly more casual, so I'd probably have to say me.
L: Ehh... it might actually be me, as it takes me so long to actually get out my bed. It's just so comfy! 

What is it like to have a Best Friend who blogs?
G: Great! Especially sharing one together, it means even when one is swamped with stuff you can always depend on your bezzie to have your back.
L: So much fun. We text each other like 20 times a day with blog related stuff. It's good that you can share something like this, cause atleast they don't think you are a creeper, that talks about makeup to strangers online. 
Heels of Flats?
G: HEELS!! I love heels, I love how they make my legs skinny & long.
L: Heels. For the same reason as Gemma. Haha! Although, I'm a big fan of converse! 

Pants or Dresses?
G: Probably 'pants', especially for work. I went in the other day and all the girls said 'you look so nice today!' so I should probably be a little more into my outfits for work! However I can't say I've ever wore pants on a night out!
L: I like both. But I find myself wearing more "pants" jeans, than dresses. For a party though, a dress is my go to!

Favourite Animal
G: Tigers. Dolphins. I can never pick between them , they have always been the top since I was about five. I've been fortunate enough to have the chance to swim with dolphins on three separate occasions. Hopefully when I go to Thailand I will get to see some tigers up close!
L: I'm not a huge animal lover, as I'm allergic to a lot of them. But I do love bunny rabbits as I used to have one, who I adored!! 

If your house was burning down and your entire family were safe, what would you save and why?
G: Photo Album for definite. It has all of my favourite memories in the one place and when I'm felling a bit down I always reach for it. I love photos. 
L: It's a choice of 3 things, A massive bunny cuddly toy that my dad bought for me when I was a baby, a humpty dumpty musical snowglobe which I've also had since I was wee or it would be a little dear trinket box, that my gran got me for Christmas two years ago - and when I opened it, it was so nice and personal that when I phoned to thank her for it, I couldn't even speak for crying!

What is something weird that you eat?
G: I am gonna go for Pickles. Like Pickled Onions. I eat them for lunch and everything. As in like a big bowl on pickled onions!
L: Gemma, will vouch for me that I am such a fussy eater. I don't really have the best relationship with food, but what I do eat is odd. My personal favourite is a beetroot sandwich - which when I tell people that's what I'm having for lunch, their face normally screws up, and the words "ewwww" quickly follow.

What is your favourite blog (other than each others)?
G: Zoella! I am in love with Zoella, she just seems like such a nice and genuine person. Her posts and videos always entertain me. I especially love her Primark hauls, she always finds the most amazing things there that I always miss.
L: Without a doubt Lily Melrose's blog! Her fashion sense is amazing, and her posts are fab. 

So that is us guys! I hope that gives you a bit more of an insight into our friendship! We tag all you guys to do this with your best friends! 

Until next time guys, have a good one!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014




Hey everyone!

Laura here,

I thought I'd do a little Haircare post, to follow up my Skincare one! As you will soon find out, I am obsessed with Lee Stafford products, they are what I use on a daily basis. The scent is so yummy, I'm sure there is even a perfume that smells the same? I'll for sure need to look into that!

Ok, so onto the post...



Firstly I wash and condition my hair using Lee Stafford Breaking Hair shampoo & conditioner which leaves my hair feeling so clean and smooth!


I then put my hair into a Turbie Towel (Greatest invention ever!) and leave it for about 10 minutes. I then comb my hair through so all the tangles are out, and then spray on Lee Stafford I Hate My Hair The Day It's Washed, which takes all the frizzy ness out of my hair. (Thanks Mr Stafford!!)


I then use Lee Stafford Dry My Hair Faster spray, which makes drying my hair so much quicker. At least 10/15 minutes quicker! It's my absolute favourite! If this post inspires you in the least to try something from this brand - try this! I cannot speak highly enough about it.



I then blow dry my hair using my Mark Hill hair dryer. Which I think is brilliant as it has 3 different heat settings and 2 speed settings! The final thing I do to my hair is apply Lee Stafford Argon Oil which leaves my hair feeling and looking silky smooth.


So there it is, my hair care routine - if you want to try any of Lee Stafford's products, boots sometimes have a 3 for 2 offer on which can save you lotsa money - so I'd recommend waiting till there was an offer on!

Thanks so much for reading, until next time!


Lotsa Love,




Monday, 13 January 2014

13 Favourite Beauty Products from 2013!

Hey guys! Gemma here. We are now already in the third week of 2014! During these three weeks I have been meaning to get this post up. At least it is up before the end of this year! This is my 13 favourite beauty products of 2013!

1. Foundation = Revlon's Nearly Naked

I have to say, the high street/drug store foundations this year have been insanely good. Definitely improving on previous years and becoming amazing dupes for high end foundations. When I first seen Nearly Naked advertised I immediately wanted to try it. Then there was a bit of a hype about it on the internet and I totally agree with all the amazing reviews it received. I enjoy a medium to build-able coverage in terms of foundation and when I first got this in the summer of '13, my skin was in really good condition and decided to get a lighter coverage foundation as the name 'Naked' suggests. However this foundation is definitely medium and build-able coverage. However if applied lightly it can be a light light coverage. When my skin has been great and I haven't needed as much coverage and when my skin is horrible and I need every possible bit of coverage, this foundation works wonders! There are also so many different shades available which isn't always the case with high street/drug store foundations.

2.Concealer = Bobbi Brown Corrector 

Ok, so technically this isn't a concealer. But it is the love of my life! There is not enough words I can use to describe this corrector. It is suppose to be applied and then concealer is applied over it. I only do this on a night out. I find that the corrector in itself is enough for those pesky under eye circles. And trust me, mines are panda like bad. This works on spots and blemishes beautifully also. It is a bit pricey at £18.50 but it is so so worth it. It lasts forever and makes such a difference.

3. Blush = Mac's Archie's Girl Betty in Cream Soda

When the Mac Archie's Girl collection came out, I instantly fell in love with the blushes. The packaging was so cute and I was desperate for them. However, both blushes in the collection where £19 and with a holiday coming up I only allowed myself to get one. I got the Veronica one which is a hot pink colour. I decided not to get the Betty one as I was afraid it wouldn't show up great on my skin after looking at various reviews. Then a few weeks later my sister returned from her holiday with this beauty for me. I tried it and it instantly gave me the most gorgeous natural flush. I was hooked and since then I am constantly reaching for this blush. I was in two minds about including this in my favourites as it is limited edition. However I didn't want to but in another blush just for the sake of it. If I find any dupes for this, I will definitely let you guys know!

4. Bronzer = Nars 'Laguna'

Now I have used this bronzer for the past two years and the thought of using another has not even crossed my mind. I know there are loads of another great bronzers out there but they don't even get a look in for me! If you guys ever see another bronzer in one of my posts I shall eat my hats! Laguna is perfect for all over colour or contouring. I can't describe its perfect-ness. I just love it!

5.Mascara = Too Faced's 'Lashgasm' Maybelline's 'The Rocket'

I couldn't pick between these two as the majority of the start of 2013 I used 'The Rocket' and the second half I used 'Lashgasm'. These have both became holy grail products. Both give my lashes amazing length and volume and make them appear so black. I love the way my lashes look after using these mascaras. Both the wands enable me to reach my lashes at the inner corner of my eye and are great for my bottom lashes too. 

6.Eyeliner = Maybelline's 'Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in  Black'

I don't quite understand the name of this liner, seems a bit OTT for me. However this is one of the best gel liners I have used. Up there with Bobbi Brown and Mac, but with half the price! I am a gel liner girl through and through and this liner just applies gorgeously. A solid black line is achieved so effortlessly and creates the most gorgeous cat flick. This also comes with a little brush which is so good! I normally never use the brushes that come with products but this brush is brilliant. It works so well with the liner.

7.Eyeshadow = Mac's 'Epresso'

This was one of the first ever Mac shadows I got many years ago and it is still my most favourite eyeshadow. (and I own way too many). It is just a plain matte brown but it is so versatile. It can be used in the crease, all over in lid, under the bottom lash line and just looks amazing with almost every other colour I own. I am trying to use more of my shadows as a few of them suffer from serious neglect, but it is so hard not to just go for good old Espresso as I know whatever I am doing, this shadow will look fab. If you are just starting out with Mac, I would definitely recommend this as you will always get some use out of it.

8.Palette = Too Faced 'Natural Eye Palette'

If there is one palette you get, I so recommend this! There are so many possibilities with this palette and the colours are so beautiful and so highly pigmented. I prefer this palette over both my Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes! I feel like with the Naked palettes there is just so much fall out from the shadows. Which is my pet hate. I don't want to pay that amount of money for the shadow to end up all over my face or have to sit and tap my brush repeatedly before I can use it. I have experienced absolutely no fall out from this palette and I have used this for years. This is my second one and you can see how well used it is! The palette also includes three cards with instructions for looks using the shadows included which is so helpful if you are just starting out with eyeshadow, even then they are still great looks!

9. Lips=Mac's 'Brave'

I have tons and tons of lipsticks but Mac's are my ultimate favourite. The texture is just so smooth and always leave my lips feeling good. I got Brave at the end of last year and this is my go to lipstick. Brave is a 'your lips but better lipstick' which means it is a natural lip shade but with the little something extra. This is a shade that I think would suit lots of different skin types and would be suitable for everyone! So many of my friends have also picked this up now!

10. Highlight = Mac's 'Lightscapade'

Lightscapade is a mineralize skinfinish which used to be limited edition but I think it has been made permanent. I could be wrong though. I apply this with an angled brush above my cheekbone and down the centre of my nose and it just give the most natural glow. I love highlight products and have been through many and Lightscapade is a winner for me. The veining in the product lets the colour be as natural as possible. Simply stunning!

11. Brows = Sleeks 'Brow Kit'

Through the years I have used lots of different products for my brows from high end pencils to eyeshadows and this is by far my favourite brow product of all time. At the start of 2013, Laura and myself were shopping and obviously we ended up in Superdrug. Laura was talking about this product and I hadn't tried it before. As my pencil was nearly done I decided to pick one up. Laura loved it so I knew I would to! It is a wax and a powder and my eyebrows look so full whilst natural when I use it (and use it properly!) It is similar to the Benefit Brow Zings but I do prefer the Sleek one and it is a margin of the price. Props to Laura for encouraging me to get this! I haven't looked back!

12.Nail Polish = Essie in 'Fiji' 

Oh guys, Fiji. Oh Fiji. How I love thee. I have lusted after this nail polish for what feels like forever. & Laura will so back me up on that. The amount of times my poor chum has had to listen to me talk about how much I wanted it. With this being said, I never let myself buy it. I own an immense amount of nail polish and as 2013 was quite an expensive year for me, I couldn't justify around £13 on a nail polish. What a foolish mistake. I asked Santa for this and have barely had it of since. I only had it around two weeks of 2013 and it took over all my other favourites for the winner of 2013. Fiji is a beautiful and natural baby pink. I feel like I have no other polish as beautiful. It makes my nails gorgeous! I do feel like it takes a few coats to achieve the best colour which does mean it can chip easier. I still love it though!

13. Tool = Mac's 219 Brush

I haven't included a picture of this because my brush is currently dirty, however I did use a picture in my 'How to clean your make up brushes' post if you would like to see it! Ever since I got this brush in the summer of 2012, the 219 brush has been my holy grail brush. It just applies the colour so well to the crease and under the lash line. When I am going a smokey eye I always use this brush and then if need be I can use my 224 brush to blend the shadow out more if I feel like it. It is always easier to blend it out more than to take it away! Definitely my favourite brush of all time!

So that is my favourite beauty products of 2013! Sorry it has took so long to get this up. Are any of the products your favourites too? And what did you guys love in 2013? Let us know!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Current Skincare!

Hey Everyone!

Laura here!

I wanted to do a post on my current skincare routine! I have pretty bad skin, and this lately has helped a lot! I'm still looking for an amazing product that clears my skin up completely, but until then... This is what I'll be using!




Firstly, I use my Bioderma to remove my makeup, which leaves my face feeling so smooth! I am obsessed with this and I 100% understand the hype around it! Definitely worth it!






I then use my either Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser which is my holy grail or Garnier Pure Deep Clean Foam Wash with my No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush which is a cheaper version of the Clarisonic. I've never used the Clarisonic (I just can't justify the price!!) but I'm sure this works just as good!




I then tone and moisturise with the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser.

I love the whole Liz Earle set, especially the moisturiser! Using these three together makes my skin feel uh-mazing! So clean and smooth. They are definitely worth the money and actually last quite a while!


And lastly, something which I haven't taken a picture of, as I'm currently all out is the always reliable Sudocrem! I use this when I have the start of a breakout or if I have a spot the size of Mount Vesuvius! It's amazing!


So, there ya have it! My current Skincare products!

Do you have any holy grail products or use any of these?! I'd love to know!


Until next time!

Lotsa Love,



Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lush Father Christmas Bath Ballistic Review!

Hey guys! As I said in my last Lush bath bomb review I got loads of Lush goodies for Christmas so here is my review for the 'Father Christmas' Bath Ballistic.

Lush describes this one as,

'Refreshing mandarin oil provides plenty of festive bath time cheer'

Now the description doesn't really go into detail about the scents and effects of the bath bomb but that just adds to the fun!

Jolly old St Nick! Now I can't tell if this is cute or a little creepy...

Santa is getting thrown in at the deep end.
Santa, bye bye!

Now when I first dropped the bomb into the bath I was a little disappointed with how it all fizzed up. As I've said, I like it when they go, not with a fizzle but with a bang! (Classic Easy A quote there). I was greeted with the most gorgeous citrus-y scent and I wish I had loads of these bombs for the smell. Right then this became one of the best bombs I have ever used and I hadn't even got in the bath yet.

Then as I got cosy in the tub, BAM.

The Father Christmas shell was removed to expose what I believe was a Christmas tree. I could however been wrong there. And I was unbelievably excited, sad I know. But I was so surprised by this little guy. Such a vibrant green colour that really contrasted with the pale pink.

This bath bomb literally fizzed for more than five minutes. I was so amazed. It is a big bomb in comparison to others, however this one really lasted! To make it even better, my skin felt amazing after I used it.

The amazing bright green colour of my bath water, I did not see that one coming!

Overall, I am in love with this bomb and so far is has taken the lead in my favourite Christmas Bath Bombs. 10/10!

Also guys, there is a little Christmas movie quote in this post! Let us know if you find it!