Sunday, 29 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Lush Snowman Bath Bomb Review!!

Well a late one, I can not believe Christmas is done and dusted for another year! And that we haven't posted in two weeks, sorry guys! As I said in the last post, I work in retail and it is a pretty crazy time for me a Christmas. Especially as my store was open until midnight the week before Christmas! Also, my cousin and my three month old niece are over from Australia where they now live for three weeks. My cousin is my best friend in the entire world and this is the first time I got to meet my beautiful niece, so my rare days off have been spending some time with them before they have to go home. So again, I am really sorry for the lack of posts but we are back!

For Christmas, I must have got at least 25 Lush bath bombs, my family and friends know me well. I love the Lush bombs. So I thought I would do reviews on some of them. The first one I've got to use was the 'Snowman Bath Ballistic'. 

'Let this big softy moisturise and nourish you with creamy cocoa butter'

This is what Lush describes the bath bomb like. I do not think it has the strongest of scents when using, although now a good three hours after using the product, I do still smell like it. And boy it is good. I would describe it as a crisp and clean, vanilla scent. The cocoa butter definitely kicks into play instantly. My skin felt so amazing within about thirty seconds. So moisturised and soft which is always helpful in these cold months. The bomb itself was a cute little snowman shape. However mines looked a little worse for wear. I think that is just due to the fact it was in with other bombs. When put into the bath, it was not the most exciting. It turned the water a musky pink colour that wasn't the most attractive. That however is the only down fall!

I received the Snowman Bath Ballistic in a huge gift set my boyfriend got me. So unfortunately I do not know how much it costs. I know it only comes out at Christmas so if you can get this is a Lush store near you I would definitely recommend it. 

Is there any Christmas bath bombs you guys have been loving?

(A little pic of me and my cousin at her surprise engagement party- she didn't know she was getting engaged! Nicola's dress is Lispy and my jumpsuit is Topshop)

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