Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Favourites!

Hey guys! Gemma here.
This is the first favourites post to be done on our blog. How exciting!
A few of these things are stuff I received for Christmas but love so much it has over took everything.

Top to Bottom :
Illamasqua Powder Blush in Ambition
MAC Cosmetics Riri Hearts Mac Quad in Her Cocoa 
Illamasqua Eyeshadow Palette in Empower 
Nail Wraps

In December I have been LOVING nail wraps. I first used these in Florida when I was there in Summer 2012. I got the O.P.I ones in Sephora and fell in love instantly with how easy it was to get amazing looking nails without much effort. After I apply nail wraps I just get so excited with how good they look as they are so detailed. It is just as if I have got my nails done without the time or money. Being so busy during the festive period, my nails wraps meant I could always have good looking nails without me having to spend any time on them. I got these wraps for Christmas and my mum said she found them for a pound each! Mums always find the bargains don't they. I love the Essie ones that are available in Boots also.

This month I have found myself constantly reaching for these two palettes. I tend to wear eyeshadow everyday and palettes just make it so much easier when you don't have a lot of time to experiment with your eye look. The Riri Hearts Mac palette is literally the most gorgeous natural palette I own. (Including my Urban Decay Naked palettes.) All four colours work so well with each other and create such a beautiful look together. I always grab for this when I am in a rush as it only takes me about 5 minutes to do my eyes with it.

My Illamasqua palette was a gift from two of my girlfriends back in October. I can not express my love for this palette. When I first started using it I loved it for the fact it wasn't the same old natural palette and is definitely bolder than most of my palettes. However, when I was using it this month when I had a few extra minutes in the morning I truly realised how versatile it is. So many looks can be achieved with these colours. If I want to glam up or be casual it is all doable with this. All the colours in the pan are so true to what they appear and are so pigmented. The shimmery black in the bottom is a cream eyeshadow that can also double as a gorgeous eye liner, two in one! Thanks guys!

This blush maybe my favourite blush ever. And with the amount of blushers in my vanity that is quite the statement. (ps I am not intending to boast in anyway). I asked my mum for an Illamasqua blush for Christmas as I felt like it was one of the few brands I hadn't tried and I have always loved the packaging. I just told her to surprise me with the shade and I couldn't have picked it better myself. It is a Rose Gold shade with lots of golden shimmer that is just the right amount for the blush. I have heard a few people say it reminds them of Nars - Orgasm but I prefer this one by far.

Bath & Body Works Candle in Merry Christmas.
Both Laura and myself obsess over bath and body works candles. However being from Scotland we have never had the pleasure of having one. Until now that is! I had never told my mum about these candles but she knows that candles in general are my favourite. Especially sweet scents. So when she was in Las Vegas with my dad in November she picked up two candles for me. This one is a definite favourite. It is such a sweet scent that is similar to Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie. But I definitely prefer this scent. It just fills the room with the smell right away and lasts for hours. The three wicks are such a plus for me. I hate when there is one side of the candles were one side is empty and the other side has lots of wax left. If any of that makes sense? Well due to the three wicks, the candle burns evenly and therefore you get all use of the candle. I always want to burn this but don't because I don't want it to run out. What a loser!

My final December favourite is another Christmas gift! My gran asked me what I'd like for Christmas and I was wanting to buy myself the Desperate Housewives boxset all year so I asked her for it. When I had a few free hours the other night my boyfriend, Sam and I started watching the first season. Safe to say we are both hooked and he has made me promise not to watch it without him. Not going to lie I am dying to know what happens next! Even though I loved it when it was on TV all those years ago I have seem to forgotten some story lines which I love because I get to experience it all over again. I really didn't think it would be something Sam enjoyed either - maybe that has something to do with Eva Longoria!

So that is my favourites for December. What a great year it has been for me and I hope you guys have had an amazing one as well. Have a great New Year everyone & stay safe!

Lots of Love,

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