Friday, 1 November 2013

What's in our bag?!


Today we thought we would give you a little insight to what we keep in our bag & I'm pretty sure you can see how much junk I keep in my bag (Laura)!

We were exchanging birthday presents last week at Gemma's and somehow stumbled onto eBay... Uh oh!! We fell in love with a bag and couldn't decide which one we liked so Gemma got a black and white Celine inspired bag and I got the nude version and we both loved the bags we got so have decided we can borrow each other's if we ever need to!

Let's start off with Gemma's bag!



Next is Laura's





So there is a total opposite of what we keep in our bags... Gemma keeps it minimal whereas Laura carries everything but the kitchen sink! Hehe! One thing we do have in common is our key ring people hanging from our car keys - Gemma has a Lego woody & I have a Harry Styles one... Yes really!

Also can I just say how much we are obsessing over EOS lipbalms?! Uh-Maz-Ing!!

If you like our bags you can find them on ebay here


Hope you enjoyed a little insight to our lives through our bags! Hehe!





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