Monday, 25 November 2013


Hey guys! So its exactly one month till Christmas: both Laura & I's favourite time of year!!
The only thing about it been one month till Santa comes, is that the cold weather is really starting to kick in, so when I was getting ready for work the other day I decided it was now time to get my favourite winter accessory out.. HATS! I have a wide range of ones so I thought I'd make a few funny faces wearing my favourite ones to share with you all.

This hat here is actually my mum's that I've stole, oops!
It is just a simple cream beanie with small pearl like balls dotted around the hat.
I love this specific hat as I feel that it is the type of accessory that could go with every kind of outfit due to the colours of it. 

This is a bowler hat I got from Urban Outfitters a few months ago for summer. Now every hat I am talking about keeps my head and ears so warm and toasty when Jack Frost is out but this one.. not so much: I just had to include it! A bowler hat, in my opinion can dress up any outfit and just give it that little something extra!

THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT MY FAVOURITE HAT. I got this beauty, this time last year from River Island (However you can find them everywhere this year, including Primark). And it is a Christmas Pudding hat! Every time I wear this hat I get so many compliments on how amazing it is, everyone loves it! It just makes me feel so festive!

Channeling my inner Miley Cyrus here clearly! This is just a casual neon pink beanie. These types of beanies where extremely popular in the summer but I still love mines. I would normally wear this with a monochrome outfit and boots, or with jeans and a plain top and some converse. Just to make my outfit that little bit more exciting.  

This hat is the newest one to my collect. A reindeer! Now I don't quite know how I feel about it. I don't know if it is maybe to much, with the ears and the bright red nose. But I do really love it so currently I'm trying to work with it! It is from River Island, for £13 and you can pick one up here:  Let you know what you guys think about it!

So that is my favourite hats! Like I said all barr the bowler hat, they all keep me cosy and warm at this time of year. And every single hat adds something different to my outfits. Especially the Christmas themed ones, they make everyone feel festive!

Hope you are all keeping warm at this freezing time of the year! Let us know what your favourite accessories are!

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