Monday, 18 November 2013

Edinburgh Trip to see The Maine!

Long time, no blog!

I thought I'd do a little post on going to Edinburgh to see my favourite band The Maine, who we're playing in the Liquid Rooms on Tuesday the 12th of November! Apologies for the fangirling!!

After months and months of waiting it was finally concert day!!

I left work early after asking for a half day and drove through to my Nana's house to pick up my little cousin who was coming along with me. I got in, quickly changed and then headed to the train station where we arrived with 3 minutes to spare!

After the hour(ish) long train ride we got to Edinburgh around half 4, the station was busy and we had no clue where to go so headed out to the street and just began walking! Haha! We ended up putting Google maps to good use and followed that all the way to our hotel!

We didn't have too long until the show, so we went out and grabbed some pizza and took it back to the hotel so we could start getting ready! We may or may not have demolished a large pizza each... Oops!!

Finally it was time to leave... But not before a quick selfie!


We got to the venue just after doors so we were only waiting a couple of minutes before we got it - as we got into the room the support act Fort Hope were playing. They were really good!
The next band to play were We Are The Ocean who were also super good! E grabbed a vodka and put our jackets in the cloakroom and found 2 seats on a couch right next to the stage! Bingo!! We sat and watched until it was time for The Maine!!
We saw them get ready to go on stage which was amazing! The view we had was insane!


It's the greatest feeling ever, seeing your favourite band and singing along with a bunch of strangers! I made eye contact a lot with the guitarist Kennedy which was really cool!

The girl who was standing right next to me even got to go on stage and sing with the band! Really cool! A bit gutted I didn't get my hand up quicker so I could have gone up! But hey ho!! The girl did amazing! The show was amazing as usual and The Maine didn't disappoint!

The venue had a super strict curfew so the show was pretty rushed, but still amazing nonetheless!! And after the last song Kennedy handed me one of his guitar picks!

We grabbed our stuff from the cloakroom and headed outside where a bunch of people were crowded round the bus where Pat the drummer couldn't unlock the bus door after some fans trying to help, the merch guy Peter came to the rescue and unlocked it!

Pat was so so lovely and insisted on taking the selfies himself and he took seven haha!


Then there wasn't a big crowd around the guitarist Jared who is seriously one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of talking to and his guitar skills are insane!


Then it was time to meet my favourite person ever. Mr John O'Callaghan. The first time I met him back in 2012 he complimented my hat, and that night was no different from this time - we both had similar hats on again. After waiting for a few minutes and dodging being in the back if people's selfies with John, it was finally my turn. I walked up to him and the first thing he said to me was "HEY! Nice hat!" Haha! I responded with "Hey!! You too!!" He then asked if we could swap hats... And seriously as if I would say no?! He popped his hat on my head, and put mine on his, then bent down a little and asked if it was ok... I tilted it back for him. Haha! I was freaking out on the inside!! What a fan girl! We took a few selfies and he then apologised saying his hat was smelly and motioned for me to smell it as he smelled my hat - what a weirdo! He also said he hadn't washed his hair in a while! Haha!
I have been wanting a specific tattoo for the longest time of a lyric from The Maine's song Take Me Dancing which is my favourite song ever and can always cheer me up! So whilst talking with John, I asked him to handwrite the lyrics for me so they were that bit more special. He agreed which was so sweet of him!!
We then got to have a quick chat with Garrett the bassist who was lovely! I told him how good they were and he was so greatful! Which was adorable!

Sadly we didn't get the chance to speak with Kennedy as it was getting late and we still had to find our way back to our hotel! Luckily on our walk back we bumped into two girls that we had spoke with after the show, who were luckily staying in the same hotel and knew the way back! And just like that we were back in our room and the night was over!


I hope you have enjoyed my little fan girl post about my night!


If you haven't already, check out The Maine on iTunes and YouTube! Seriously you won't regret it!


Speak to you soon!




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